YLMD series double-water-cooled sealed motor for hood furnace

Strengthen management and save energy consumption Tao Jing Ma Zhenjiang 3.2 Utilization of condensed water waste heat Oxidation coloring workshop daily condensate water about 10,1, inlet water temperature is about 97 ,, and the actual use water temperature is less than 3, need to use cooling tower to reduce water temperature 30弋 or less. In the factory, the water needs to be used for about 6,1, and the daily use of steam 51 to heat the water to more than 40, a drop of heating, causing huge waste, decided to transform the bath heating system.

The transformation includes the addition of two heat exchangers for the storage tank and the transformation of the water supply pipeline.

After the transformation, the condensate water temperature reached 70, and the water temperature of the reservoir reached 50, which achieved the intended purpose. This innovation only saves steam items for 5,350 days and 60 yuan. 1 The original sealing technology of our factory adopts high-temperature sealing technology. The temperature of the two sealed slots needs to be kept at 90±5 ft. The steam-heating and heat preservation was used to develop the normal temperature seal in 31993. Hole technology, invested in 1994, the quality stability effect is good, saving steam 4,1 heart only this can be reduced to 3.4 additional 1 profile production line, optimized supporting production, our factory originally only one 181 extruder, regardless of profile section size They are all produced on the extruder. When the cattle produce small sections, the production efficiency is low and the consumption is high, which causes huge waste of energy.

In May 1996, we added 88,1 extrusion presses to optimize the distribution of production profiles and supporting production, which increased equipment utilization, increased production capacity and reduced energy consumption.

The comprehensive power consumption of extrusion has been reduced from the previous 1095kWhA to the current 4000t profile calculation, saving energy. 4 With the deepening of China's economic system and political system reform, the socialist market economic system is gradually established and improved, and the planned economic system is going to the market. In the transition of the economic system, the product economy is transitioning to the commodity economy. For enterprises, professional intensification is replacing large and small, and full, and efficiency is being replaced by high consumption and low efficiency. This has created a good business for the company. condition. In the previous energy-saving work, the aluminum processing plant has achieved great results. In the system energy-saving, high-efficiency equipment is the foundation, optimization design is the key, scientific management is the guarantee, and the energy-saving work is combined with the relevant professional management to save energy. Responsibility system energy saving and technology energy saving with market scheduling, etc., can find a combination of points, we must be good at using the power of all parties, the use of energy-related policies, all-round energy-saving work to the full process of market operations. In this way, we will be able to receive the effect of doing more with less, and create a new situation of energy-saving work.

 Tungsten Wire named doped Tungsten Wire, also known as wolfram wire or non-sag tungsten wire. The tungsten wire normally has two different surfaces as black surface and cleaned surface.  It is the forging of Tungsten Bar, and made of fine wire drawing, mainly used in incandescent, halogen and other electric light sources. For a variety of light bulb for the tungsten wire, also need to mix a small amount of potassium, silicon and aluminum oxides.  The main application is to create the filament and high-speed cutting steel, also used in optical instruments, chemical apparatus and so on.

we can offer spool and straight type, whose diameters are all above 0.05 mm. Covered with graphite, tungsten wires are regularly black. However, if graphite surface being removed, they appear with metallic luster. According to various impurity contents, tungsten wires can be subdivided into WAL1, WAL2, W1 and W2 designations.

Tungsten Wire

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