World Friends of the floor how to choose wood flooring skills

Feet on wooden floors are more comfortable and environmentally friendly. Many people will choose wood floorboards for the laying of indoor flooring. Worldfriends flooring is a well-known brand of solid wood flooring. What about Worldfriends flooring ? When we choose wood floors, , What are the methods? Next small series for everyone to briefly introduce the World of Friends of the floor how to choose and wood floor skills.

First, how to World Friends floor

1, company strength

Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and is a large enterprise that mainly produces and sells solid wood flooring and other products. The company has introduced a large number of internationally advanced equipment and established cooperation with a number of institutions. Its product quality has always maintained a leading position in the industry, and it has won many honors such as China Well-known Trademark, China Patent Excellence Award, and Top 500 Asian Brands.

2, product advantages

Shiyou Floor cooperates with seven global high-quality timber procurement bases in Brazil, Russia, and North America, all adopting A-grade sheet as raw materials; adopting protein glue and formaldehyde-free plywood technology to achieve the zero-formaldehyde release of solid wood composite flooring; according to the regional climate conditions, The artificial moisture content inspection was carried out to ensure the stability of the floor. The anti-scratch performance reached the ASTM standard in the United States. The abrasion resistance passed the SGS inspection report. The WorldFriends product passed the international authoritative FSC forest certification. WorldFriends also has a number of flooring technologies such as super-adhesion technology, solid technology, U shield edge protection technology, and so on, ensuring the quality of WorldFriends flooring.

3, price

Worldfriends flooring prices are mostly between 200 and 300 yuan, such as Shiyou parquet (applicable to geothermal) price is about 280 yuan / block.

Second, choose wooden floor techniques

1, material

If we want to choose solid wood flooring, we can first look at the material of the floor. There are different varieties of solid wood flooring such as teak and birch. Their prices are also very different. We can choose solid wood flooring with stable material properties according to our economic strength and preferences.

2, specifications

The smaller the size of the wooden floor, the better its resistance to deformation and the more stable the wooden floor. When choosing a wood floor, we can choose a smaller one.

3, processing accuracy

In order to ensure that the floor can be laid flat, we can put 8 to 12 floors on flat ground for assembly, carefully observe and touch them to see if they are flat, smooth, and if they are too loose or too tight.

4, appearance

We must carefully observe whether wood floor cracks, bugs and other defects, its paint is uniform, smooth, smooth, there is no paint leakage, air bubbles, cracking and other phenomena.

Xiao Bian summed up: How about the World Friends of the floor and how to choose the wooden floor Xiaobian introduced here, I hope that after reading this article, can provide reference and help for everyone.

World friend floor

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