Who says the balcony can only be incorporated to see how small fresh balcony is built

As for the balcony, people traditionally think of it as a place for drying and storage. In addition to these two functions, the balcony can also be used as a small garden, a tea drinking area, and gardens, provided of course that there is a drying place in the house. The balcony is the only place in the home where a large area is exposed to sunlight. It is appropriate to plant green plants. This article teaches everyone how to make the balcony a place full of poetic and idyllic atmosphere. Such a small and fresh place will be discussed. People like it.

The benefits of such an open-air balcony design are naturally worthless. Imagine a laid-back afternoon, lying in such a chair, both sides are lush flowers and plants, whether it is a small gong or reading books, listening to music that would be very pleasant!

The gardens in Suzhou are beautiful. Do you want to move such landscapes to your own home? The pavilion is too large to be achieved on the balcony, but flowers, flowers and fish can still be achieved. The pool of fish ponds that catch the eye in the picture above is not impossible, as long as it is carefully designed to allow such small fish ponds to appear on the balcony.

Girls always keep buying cute little things. When the living room, study room and even the bedroom are not placed, they can consider using the balcony against the wall. With Duobaoge, put your favorite gadgets here. When you have friends, you can also share with them after the show blood trophy.

For those netizens who have a unique passion for tea culture, they can arrange professional tea-making utensils on the balcony, through the floor-to-ceiling glass, study the tea ceremony, and appreciate the scenery.

This kind of balcony is suitable for people who love gardening very much. The abandoned wood can be used as a climbing frame for vines when they saw a few nails on the saw nails. A flower pot can be built on the brick and the balcony can be arranged into such a small garden. Watering the flowers in the early morning, taking care of the flowers and leaves, life is full of fun.

Are you infatuated with the petty bourgeoisie of Cafe in the afternoon? Imitate the decoration of the cafe, put the exquisite tables and chairs on the balcony, about 35 friends, enjoy the smell of coffee and enjoy the afternoon leisure!

Tips: Concerned about this site information, there are more small fresh style decoration renderings waiting for you!

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