What stone is selected in different home decoration areas?

TV background wall: The interior wall in interior decoration is often a decorative highlight. If you want your home to be more decorative, you can choose granite as the decorative wall. The natural stone pattern is natural and can express the creative intention well. It is suitable for artistic modeling on the wall. In addition, it is not bad to make decorations in the porch and other parts.

Window sill: Marble is installed on the window sill, and the decoration is the first. You can choose a brand with better quality. At present, the imported marble allows sandpaper to be used to polish the scratches on the surface, and the scratched user will not be able to handle it himself.

Balcony: Marble is laid on the balcony, the most important thing is to require anti-slip and wear resistance. The natural stone that is currently on the market, some of which are artificially processed, these stones generally show their true faces after half a year to a year. Therefore, when buying the stone used on the balcony, you should pay attention to whether the color will change in the future.

Living room floor: It is more suitable to choose the floor with marble. In addition, if the home is warm, it is best to choose artificial stone with better high temperature performance.

Bathroom floor: The bathroom floor and wall are suitable for marble decoration. In principle, the anti-skid type must be selected. The artificial stone is researched according to the problems in actual use. It has improved moisture, acid, alkali, high temperature and patchwork, so it is still used in the bathroom.

Countertops: Countertops are often used, and artificial stone is suitable for use in some harsh environments, because the texture is relatively too fake and is rarely used for decoration in the decoration. It is best to take a sample of the artificial stone first for the badness test. For example, pouring soy sauce or oil stains, as well as performing abrasion tests, such as permeating too fast, and having traces after wiping with a cloth proves that the quality is not good enough.

HCPE Resin(Adhesive Type) Description

HCPE resin (Adhesive Type) is excellent synthetic polymer material which has a fine overall performance. It take the special polyethylene as raw material the product which results in after the depth chlorination system. It has excellent solubility and can dissolve in a variety of aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters and organic solvents. with excellent resistance to ozone, resistance to chemical media and flame self-extinguishing and other excellent performance, the main rigid PVC Adhesive Resin on the currently market, that has used in substituting the CPVC Resin (adhesive type) massively.

This product is according to the market and the international environmental protection request, develops the successful new product spontaneously, has the proprietary intellectual property rights, the only enterprise that succeeds in using the HCPE product applies in the adhesive profession.


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