What should I pay attention to when diatom mud is used for renovation of old walls?

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Consumers who use wallpaper and latex paint to decorate the wall will encounter the phenomenon of discoloration and peeling on the wall that has been brushed for a few years, which is very affecting the aesthetics of the home decoration. Have to re-open the wall renovation. Consumers who can realize the “wall-mounted wallpaper and latex paint decoration wall” will encounter the phenomenon of discoloration and peeling on the wall that has been brushed for several years. It is very affecting the aesthetics of the home decoration. Renovation of the wall. The new environmentally friendly wall material diatom mud that can be “loaded and lived” is the best choice for many families. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing diatom mud for old wall renovation?

First, choose a professional wall renovation and renovation company

If the single picture is cheaper to have some small decoration company, or the painter on the side of the road, the quality is difficult to guarantee. Consumers are advised to choose a local decoration company with a reputation for peace of mind and security.

Second, how to choose diatom mud products

Nowadays, there are many kinds of diatom mud products on the market, and the quality is not good. This requires consumers to have eye-catching eyes and a set of practical testing methods to select diatom mud products. The methods often used include:

1. Look at the specific gravity. The weight of diatom mud should be as light as possible.

Because the main dosing chamber of diatom mud is diatomaceous earth, and the texture of diatomaceous earth is lighter. If the quality of the diatom mud you choose is heavy, the diatomite content is low and the stone composition is high. Such diatom mud is a poor quality diatom mud.

2, see the proportion of water.

In the process of construction of diatom mud, it is necessary to mix and add water for the ratio, and the ratio is close to 1:1. In practice, if the diatom mud you purchase is less than 0.5, the diatomite content in the diatom mud may be less than 20%. Such diatom mud products naturally cannot be called good quality.

3, see the water absorption function.

Respiratory function is one of the most basic functions of Kangaige diatom mud; the faster the diatom mud absorbs water, the better the respiratory function. If the diatom mud you purchase has a small amount of water, it indicates that the content of diatomaceous earth is low or the pores in the diatomaceous earth have been blocked due to the process of adding the binder, which has caused the respiratory function of the diatom mud. Poor.

4. See if it is fire retardant.

In addition to the characteristics of purifying air, breathing and humidity control, diatom mud also has the function of fireproof and flame retardant, and is a thermal insulation material. It is hard to burn in case of fire, no smoke, no smell. If this effect is not available, the quality of the product is not good and it is not recommended to buy. In addition, you can also refer to the brand development history, corporate strength, success stories, consumer word of mouth and other factors.

Third, diatom mud construction should ask professional diatom mud construction master

The construction of diatom mud seems to be simple. In fact, it is different from the traditional putty and cementing methods. It affects the effect of diatom mud and wastes materials. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner must consult professional diatom mud during construction. The master carried out the construction.

Substrate requirements: the base is a smooth waterproof putty, the surface is completely dry, no floating ash;

Weather requirements: no freezing before construction and during construction

Stirring requirements: Mix 1:0.9 with water for 20 minutes, wait for 5 minutes to construct;

Smear process: bottoming the flat wall surface, and then wipe the second surface layer when it is dry, the surface layer should be smoothed.

Spraying process: Apply a texture pattern and stay in two days!

5. Moving and protecting furniture

In the renovation of the old wall, there is a more troublesome problem, that is, how to deal with so many furniture appliances in the home, how should the fragmented items be treated? The diatom mud products do not affect the furniture like the traditional latex paint, because the diatom mud is The properties of the mud can be removed by scrubbing with water. Therefore, as long as the furniture is moved a certain distance before entering the construction site, and the protective film is used to simply protect the floor, furniture, home appliances and walls, the anxiety can be relieved.

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