What is the effect of vibration testing on products?

Many products need to do vibration tests, such as packaging, furniture, home appliances, vibration test, let's take a look at Haida.

1. The main purpose of the vibration test is to confirm the reliability of the product and Screen the defective products before leaving the factory, and evaluate the failure analysis of the defective products in order to become a high-level and high-reliability product. Therefore, vibration testing will be an indispensable tool to help your products leap into the high quality ranks.

2, the product may cause some failures due to some bumps in the use of the product, causing the product to be damaged to varying degrees, and any damage to the product is not what the manufacturer and the customer would like to see. Some listed products, such as frequent problems, will also have an impact on the corporate brand. If frequent failures occur, it will cause great damage to the corporate brand image. If we simply increase the cost of packaging, it will bring some unnecessary waste. On the contrary, the fragile packaging will cause high cost of the product and lose the product image and market. These are not what we would like to see.

3. Therefore, before the product is put on the market, it needs to be tested for vibration, judge whether the product will be damaged during the vibration process, analyze the damage point, the bad point, and through the vibration test result, find out the shortcomings of the product early and before listing. Improve, reduce product failure rate, and make the company brand better and better!

4, test project

1) Vibration test is to carry out a series of controllable vibration simulations in the experiment. Whether the test product can withstand the test of transportation or vibration environment during the life cycle, and also determine the requirements for product design and function.

2) Vibration simulation has different methods such as resonance search, resonance dwell, cyclic scan, random vibration and stress screening according to different purposes, and the vibration effect meter has:

1. The strength of the structure.

2. The loosening of the combination.

3. Wear of protective materials.

4. Damage to components.

5. Poor contact of electronic components.

6, the circuit is short-circuited and intermittently unstable.

7. The standard value offset of each piece.

8. Check out the bad parts screen early.

9. Find the resonance relationship between parts, structure, packaging and transportation process, and improve its resonance factor.

What is the effect of vibration testing on products? Now everyone understands the purpose of the vibration test on the product. In order to reduce the loss of your product during transportation, you should test it for your product. This article is reproduced in Haida Instruments. For more details, please visit the Haida Instrument website: http://!
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