What are the hazards of xylene?

With the change of home decoration concept, more and more people are now more concerned about environmental protection, so the use of materials in home renovation are as far as possible the use of solid wood furniture, wallpaper and other relatively environmentally friendly materials, to a certain extent, formaldehyde, etc. a kind of decoration pollution has declined, but xylene, a type of pollution has increased, mainly due to the extensive use of wood wall paint wallpaper, etc., that xylene what is? harm xylene, what does, quickly followed Xiaobian go Understand:

What is xylene?

Chinese name:xylene

English aliases: Xylene, Xylol, Xylene mixture of isomer

Xylene is a colorless, transparent liquid; it is a product in which two hydrogens on a benzene ring are substituted with a methyl group, and there exist three kinds of isomers: o-, m-, and p-xylenes. In industry, xylene means a mixture of the above isomers. Xylene has a special odor, flammable, and can be mixed with ethanol, chloroform or ether, and is insoluble in water. The boiling point is 137 ~ 140 °C. Xylene has moderate toxicity and certain carcinogenicity. Xylene pollution mainly comes from synthetic fibers, plastics, fuels, rubber, various paint additives and various adhesives, waterproof materials, but also from the fuel and tobacco combustion gases.

Xylene source:

Xylene comes from solvents, insecticides, polyester fibers, tapes, adhesives, wallpapers, paints, wet processing photocopiers, pressboard finished products and carpets.

Xylene contamination symptoms:

Xylene enters the body mainly through the respiratory tract and has irritating effects on the eyes and upper respiratory tract. Xylene contamination at home can cause neurasthenia, dermatitis, and confusion.

Xylene hazards:

Xylene is moderately toxic and can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract, and has a healthier effect than benzene. If you inadvertently take xylene or xylene solvent, it will strongly stimulate the esophagus and stomach, and cause vomiting. It may also cause bloody pneumonia. You should immediately drink liquid paraffin and take it to a doctor for treatment.

The LC of xylene vapor in mice was 6000*10-6, and the lowest lethal dose in rats was 4000 mg/kg.

Xylene has an irritating effect on the eye and upper respiratory tract. At high concentrations, it has anesthetic effects on the central nervous system.

Acute poisoning: Inhalation of higher concentrations of this product in the short term can cause significant irritation of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, conjunctival and pharyngeal congestion, dizziness, headache, nausea, chest tightness, weakness in the limbs, confusion, and gait. Severe persons may have restlessness, convulsions, or coma. Some have rickets like seizures.

Chronic effects: Long-term exposure to neurasthenia syndrome, women may cause menstrual abnormalities. Skin contact often occurs dry skin, chapped, dermatitis.

The use of xylene:

Xylene is widely used in paints, resins, dyes, inks and other industries as solvents; used in medicine, explosives, pesticides and other industries to do the synthesis of monomers or solvents; can also be used as high octane gasoline components, an important raw material for organic chemicals . It can also be used to remove the asphalt of the body; the hospital uses mainly the preparation of the pathology department; it is mainly used for dehydration, dewaxing and the like.

Industrial o-xylene as raw materials, first with industrial concentrated sulphuric acid until the acid layer is colorless, and then washed with 10% sodium hydroxide solution, followed by water to pass, after the water layer was separated and dried with anhydrous calcium chloride, and then distillation, After the distillate is clear, the middle distillate is collected as pure product.

How to avoid home xylene pollution:

1, the purchase of furniture, to allow businesses to provide formal qualified test reports, conditional, it is best to allow furniture to be placed under ventilation for a period of time before use.

2. The decoration time is more than one year and there is no obvious smell in the room. The biodegradation method can be selected. For example, aquaculture plants such as Aloe vera, Tiger Piran, Chlorophytum, and Scindapsus can be cultivated in the home. At the same time, if the weather permits, the daily ventilation of the window for one to two hours can effectively evaporate indoor pollutants.

3, to ensure that the room ventilation rate and lighting rate.

4. Pay attention to construction quality and prevent unreasonable construction procedures or construction processes from affecting the normal volatilization and diffusion of pollutants and causing indoor environmental pollution.

5、If you feel a lot of odors in the living room and accompanied by adverse reactions (such as tearing eyes, unrespirable breathing, skin redness, etc.) during your stay, the value of each value can be exceeded after the authoritative department conducts indoor air testing. You can choose a professional indoor environment treatment. Corporate governance.

6. Select decorative materials with superior environmental indicators, and pay attention to the manufacturer or seller to request inspection reports.

7, home decoration should be as simple as possible.

8, strict inspection and acceptance of renovation, after the completion of the renovation of 2 to 4 weeks, please have a professional qualification testing agency for indoor environment testing. If the test results exceed the standard, you can take appropriate measures to control, and then check in after passing the check.

The most worried about home decoration is decoration pollution, which will cause harm to our body. Xylene mainly enters the body via the respiratory tract, and xylene is widely used as a thinner for paints, paints, etc. We must pay attention to the choice to avoid home xylene pollution.

Information on the hazards of toluene was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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