What are the five main points of office decoration design office to create an aesthetic atmosphere of the office

In the past, people often focused on practicality when decorating their offices. Nowadays, people have made new demands on the office environment. They must not only have complete functions, but also be beautiful and atmospheric. So what are the main points of office decoration design? How to decorate the office beautifully and atmosphere? Generally speaking, we can divide the office into a reception area, an open office area, a conference room, a general manager office, a computer room, a storage room, and tea. In areas such as rooms and confidential rooms, the following Xiaobian will share the design points of the reception area, open office area, conference room, general manager office, and tea room, hoping to help those in need.

What are the main points of office decoration design - reception area

When we enter the office, the first thing we see is the reception area. The decoration of this area is directly related to the customer's first impression on the company and it will affect the employees' feelings of going to work. Therefore, everyone should put this area into consideration. Renovated. The reception area is mainly composed of reception desks, corporate logos, signboards, and waiting areas for guests. The reception area is the facade of an enterprise. When designing the area, everyone must clearly reflect the characteristics of a company's industry and communicate the company's management culture.

What are the main points of office decoration design - office area

Along the reception area, the open office area is the eye-catching area where employees work. According to the different ways of decoration, open office areas can be divided into two types, namely semi-open and full open. The so-called half-opening decoration refers to the decoration company's use of high and low partitions to separate different work areas during the renovation; the so-called full-opening decoration refers to a completely open space without any partitions. Each employee's seat can be seen at any angle in the office space. Everyone can choose the appropriate decoration according to the actual office needs.

What are the main points of office decoration design - meeting rooms

Now almost every company will have a conference room. The conference room is a completely independent space. It carries many functions, such as reception of customers, training of internal employees, and exchange work. The decoration of the conference room is also one of the focuses of office renovation. The conference room should include: TV cabinet, pennants, trophies, honor certificates, photos, etc.

What are the main points of office decoration design - General Manager's Office

Almost every company will have a general manager's office during the renovation. It is the focus of the renovation. The office of the general manager is mainly composed of two parts, namely the guest reception (rest) area and the office area. The guest reception area should have a small conference table, a sofa and a coffee table. The office area consists of a bookcase, a pallet, a chair, and a guest chair. Everyone should reflect the personal interests and tastes of the general manager when decorating the general manager's office, and at the same time, reflect the corporate culture characteristics.

What are the main points of office decoration design - Pantries

Employees stay in the company for a long time, usually at least eight hours a day, so everyone should also have a tea room in the company. The decoration of the tea room should be simple and practical. For example, two drinking fountains are installed in the tea room, and tables and chairs are provided for the employees to rest. The employees can feel the care of the company's culture.

The above is about the office decoration design points which related to sharing, if you are working on the renovation office, you should pay attention to the points mentioned in the above article, if you have more related issues, please continue to pay attention to this The website will bring more exciting content for everyone.

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