What are the advantages of barrel bath?

Barrel bath has a long history of development in our country. In today's fast-paced, fast-paced living environment, giving yourself a relaxing wooden barrel bath not only allows you to relax but also removes fatigue. Modern people enjoy life and relax and relax.

In ancient times, there was a barrel bath. In today’s highly competitive society, we need to completely relax ourselves. After today's improvements, the barrel bath has become a bathing culture that is beneficial to both body and mind. It uses a natural hydraulic impact massage to not only enhance the heart and lung function, but also to quickly reduce the effect of fatigue. Baichuan casks used are highly heat-resistant and easy to clean. Being in the wood pass makes you feel meticulous and considerate. Put some powder in the cask to bathe, soak your feet, and let the barrel's overheating effect stimulate the gas flow to make your blood flow. Powder can penetrate into the acupuncture points more. It is absorbed by the skin to achieve the effects of curing diseases, preventing disease, skin, and losing weight. It has significant effects on skin diseases and arthritis.

The advantages of barrel bath 1 - can bring you more health enjoyment

Wooden barrel bath is a very healthy bathing method. The fast-paced life of modern people makes people pay more and more attention to their own health. The busy life makes many people living in a sub-healthy state. It can speed up blood flow and relieve fatigue. It can also have the effect of healing and beauty in wooden barrels. It is a healthy choice for modern people and brings you more healthy enjoyment. It is a good choice for you to enjoy health. .

Wood barrel bath benefits 2 - barrel bath can bring you more comfort

Wooden barrel bath is a very comfortable bathing method. Putting in warm water with a light woody scent will allow you to fully relax, and the pressure in the casks can make a very natural massage to the body. Massage is the equivalent of doing your own sports sweat, the barrel bath is a very casual way, in the bath can also be very comfortable to enjoy other entertainment such as reading or watching a small movie.

Advantages of Barrel Bath 3 - Barrel Bath can save you water

Most people think that wood barrel baths are a waste of water. In actual fact, the barrels have very good insulation properties, so even if you bathe in a bath for a long time, the water temperature will not change much, so you don’t need to take a bath. Changing the water requires continuous addition of hot water compared to other bathing methods, which can save water, and therefore the barrel bath is more water-saving than other bathing methods.

Wood barrel bath barrel maintenance

For the maintenance of wooden barrels, the new wooden barrels just purchased must be soaked in water. The general soaking is to soak the barrel for two-thirds of the water and soak it for eight hours. Try not to put the cask in the sun or be over-dried by the wind. Keep the cask full of moisture at all times. Also pay attention to the anti-mildew and prevent the casks from being placed in the whole wet environment of the bathroom. Ageing.

Wooden barrel bath is now a very good way to enjoy leisure and is also a healthy choice for many families. The above introduction hopes to bring you more useful help.

Wooden barrel bath ancient and modern contrast

The traditional wooden barrel has a short service life, is easy to crack, leaks water, and its circular design has a small volume, and the bath is not comfortable enough. The Xiangyu wooden barrels are made of cedar wood, rare and precious, long growing period, hard wood, delicate texture, high density, corrosion resistance and natural color. As a raw material for making barrels, the wood is treated with special lines and is handmade. It overcomes various defects of the traditional wooden barrels, which not only conforms to ergonomic principles but also saves water. It is a truly environmentally friendly product. Wooden casks are crafted from 100-year-old cedar wood. After entering the water, they will give off a natural aroma and contain negative ions, which can improve water quality. It activates the skin cells and acts like fatigue, relaxation, beauty, and slimming. In addition, because natural cedar has a strong antibacterial capacity, it can not only improve the air and environment of the bathroom, but also can inhibit and prevent acne, acne and other skin diseases.

How to buy a wooden barrel bath?

According to experts, the current sales of solid wood bath barrels are mainly spruce, cedar, oak 3 kinds of materials. Consumers can identify quality in four ways at the time of purchase: First, look at the appearance. The well-operated bath barrel has a smooth surface and a delicate touch. The joint between the board and the board and between the barrel and the hoop is good. On the contrary, the bath barrel with poor workability has a rough surface and feels badly. There is a gap between the board and the board and between the barrel and the hoop. Slit. The second is the weight. Bathtubs of the same size and size, spruce lighter, oak and cedar wood heavier. Spruce bath barrels are cheaper, and prices for oak and cedar tubs are higher. The third is to look at the certificate. In general, good products are quality certified, and quality and after-sales service are more assured. The fourth is to see if the water is deformed after loading water. Good tubs are generally poor in material selection and fine workmanship, but they are rarely deformed, and poor quality tubs can cause tight or loose metal hoops.

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