What are the advantages and characteristics of broken aluminum alloy doors and windows?

【ALUMINIUM CHINA NETWORK】The principle of aluminum alloy doors and windows of broken bridges is to use aluminum alloy profiles (more than 1250 times of heat insulation than aluminum profiles) to separate two layers of aluminum alloy inside and outside, forming a new type. The heat-insulating aluminum profiles use such profiles for doors and windows, and their heat insulation is in the same grade as the plastic (steel) window--national standard, which completely solves the fatal problem that the aluminum alloy conducts heat quickly and does not meet the energy-saving requirements. At the same time, some new forms of structural cooperation have been adopted, which have completely solved the “difficult sealing of aluminum alloy sliding windows”. The product is made of aluminum on both sides, with a nylon material cavity as a heat-insulating material. This innovative structural design takes into account both the advantages of both nylon and aluminum alloy materials, while satisfying a variety of requirements for decorative effects, door and window strength, and endurance performance. The super-bridge aluminum-plastic profile can realize the three-seal structure of doors and windows, reasonably separate the water vapor cavity, successfully achieve the equal pressure of air and water, and significantly improve the watertightness and airtightness of doors and windows. The airtightness of this type of window is better than that of any aluminum or plastic window. It can ensure that there are no dust on the indoor sill and floor in areas with large sandstorms; it can guarantee residents of the expressway from noise, and its performance is close to the casement window.

Performance and advantages: good insulation, good sound insulation, impact resistance, good airtightness, good water tightness, good fire resistance, good security, maintenance-free thermal break aluminum alloy aluminum alloy doors and windows with good insulation, The thermal properties are widely used in the new construction of winter cold regions. In the past two years, the market share of the use of heat-insulating aluminum alloy doors and windows in various regions has increased year by year. The actual installation and use of heat-insulating aluminum doors and windows has approached 60%. In Foshan housing construction projects, this figure has exceeded 80%.

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