Waterproof material growth in recent years

As far as waterproof engineering quality assurance is concerned, countries generally implement the waterproof guarantee period system, and flat roofs generally adopt a 10-year waterproof guarantee period. However, SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membranes can provide a roof waterproofing guarantee period of 20 years. From the perspective of the overall structure of China's waterproof materials, asphalt-based waterproof materials are still used, accounting for about 80% of all waterproof materials, and high-molecular waterproofing membranes, waterproof coatings, and other waterproof materials each account for about 10%.

It can be seen that China's waterproof materials have been developed from petroleum asphalt felt linoleum and waterproof coatings to a variety of varieties including modified asphalt waterproofing membranes, polymer waterproofing membranes, construction waterproof coatings, building sealing materials, and rigid anti-seepage and plugging materials. The grades include high, medium and low products, ie waterproof material systems with complete varieties and functions. Among them, SBS and APP modified bitumen waterproofing membranes have seen rapid growth in recent years; EPDM, pvc, chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene rubber blends, and polymer chlorinated polyethylene also have a certain market share. In waterproof coatings, medium and high-grade products have grown rapidly in recent years, especially polymer cement waterproof coatings; the application of various inorganic waterproof coatings has steadily increased.

The problem with waterproof materials is that there are many counterfeit goods that counterfeit high-quality waterproof materials, affecting the application of high-quality, new types of waterproof materials. In terms of applications, designers have less knowledge of new types of waterproof materials and restrictions on their use. In terms of construction, There are problems such as extensive construction, new types of construction equipment, and inadequate supporting materials; compared with the international advanced level, there is a big gap in product quality, construction technology and construction management.

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