Waste glass recycling saves energy

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Glass is very versatile and requires a lot. Recycling used glass is both simple and beneficial, consistent with sustainable development strategies, saving energy and conserving natural resources. Due to the dangers of the acquisition and handling of waste glass, the difficulty of handling, and the low recycling value, few companies are willing to recycle waste glass.

Therefore, residents can only mix it with other garbage, causing a large amount of waste glass to be transported to the landfill for landfill, increasing the pressure on urban waste disposal.

It is recommended to recycle old glass bottles from many aspects such as promoting waste sorting and doing publicity work. Refine waste sorting and classify waste that can be recycled into waste paper, waste plastics, and waste glass.

Do a good job in propaganda work, publicize the benefits of recycling used glass, print classification guidelines and promotional slogans on the recycling bins, let the pedestrians see at a glance, and promote individuality; place special waste glass recycling bins in residential areas, responsible for management and free recycling of residents Classified garbage, on-site persuasion education for unclassified residents. At the same time, the sanitation department helps professional recycling enterprises to transport the recycled waste glass to the disposal plant area; the government subsidizes the construction of waste glass recycling barrels and other special funds for waste glass recycling, and incorporates the municipal government's practical construction projects by means of government purchase services. Support and help professional recycling companies.

Or, when purchasing an item in a glass bottle (can), the recycling treatment fee including the glass product is allowed.

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