Wang Li's solid Z-series smart locks are on the market, perfectly matching all brands of security doors

This is an era of change, an inevitable upgrade, a new way of life is coming, always forgetting you with the key, but you don't know that you are a key. I believe that many of my friends have had this experience: forgetting to bring the keys, being locked at home; going home during work hours to open the door to the family without keys; with the key to go out, but found no place to install the keys; The key can not be found... In addition, the thief’s theft method is becoming more and more sophisticated. In the past, the ordinary locks used in our home life have been unable to protect the safety of family property, and we need to use a safer lock-smart lock.
The world has entered the era of Industry 4.0, and home life has also entered intelligence.
Years ago, from the moment the door was opened, Wang Li’s smart lock completely changed your life. “Open the door, take a look at the mirror, click on the fingerprint, make a hand to open the door remotely, and the security door is forced to open. It will automatically notify your mobile phone to realize instant alarm. These intelligent Wangli security doors have been widely used by consumers. Wangli security door is the leading geese who entered the industry 4.0 era and is the pioneer of subversion history. With the development of smart lock system for several years and marketing operation, Wangli Intelligent System has been fully matured and loved by the public. Today, when you walk to your doorstep, the intelligent system will automatically identify the owner through dozens of identification programs. The door will automatically open and close without any operation.
-------- In the future, Wang Li will take you to the trend and share a new way of smart home life --------
Not long ago, the expert in quality research and the director of the quality school of Wuhan University, Cheng Hong, said in the article “National Products: A Great Opportunity for China’s Economic Development” in the “First Financial Daily” that Wang Li promoted the spirit of craftsmanship that is serious and focused. It has created a "national gate lock" that is both safe and temperature-prone, and is world-class in China. At the same time, it is proposed in the first lecture hall of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, so that all citizens can enjoy the technological enjoyment brought by national products. In order to make all the people of the country safe, scientific, convenient and practical, that is, the safe and temperature of the national door lock, Wang Li Group's 100-person R & D team worked overtime, after several months, the most safe domestic Wang Li special lock core The perfect combination with intelligent technology, combined with the essence of the technology of Wang Li's smart series, specially launched Wang Li's Z-series smart lock products.
The series of Wangli solid heart smart locks will rely on Wang Li's more than 6,000 specialty stores across the country, and more than 10,000 service outlets for “zero distance service” national users. No matter what brand of anti-theft door you used before, Wang Li's smart lock Z series will match perfectly.
"The price is unified, not going out of the house, Shangtian cat "Wang Li security door flagship store", one-click order, delivery to home, after-sales staff on time to install", to provide you with the world's top security products, so that hundreds of millions of families enjoy peace Blessing. You will fully enjoy Wangli Group's efficient service, superior security protection, and convenient and practical technology products, which is a huge national treatment for users across the country.
First, Wang Li solid heart smart lock Z100 series, unique features, so that you do not love it is difficult!
1, anti-theft, convenience:
Closed door is the security door. It is a real security door. It only needs to push the door gently. It can automatically lock without a key in one second, and it can automatically prevent theft! It saves time and trouble, and is convenient and safe! The traditional security door must be After repeatedly rotating the switch to lock the door, all the traditional manual lock doors on the market are closed to the door. It is not a security door. It is actually an iron door with a lock. The national "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Doors" (GB17565-2007) standard stipulates that there are 6 lock points for the D-class door, 8 B-level doors, 10 C-level doors, and 12 Class-A doors. The locks of the people are only on the oblique tongue. The lock does not meet the minimum requirements of the national standard for security doors. Only Wang Li, if you turn it back, it is responsible for your safety. Wang Li security door is sold to users, which is actually solving security problems for users, facilitating problems and solving a family life and property safety problem.
2, cost-effective:
Wang Li is a national standard for anti-theft door and anti-theft lock. It is a national anti-theft door and anti-theft lock double inspection-free products. Wang Li leads the world's door lock industry. You spend more than 1,000 yuan to buy a common anti-theft door. The technical opening time is only 1 minute. It is invisible in front of the thief. It is inconvenient to use at the same time. If you forget the lock, the lock is locked, and there is no anti-lock, what should I do if the old man goes out and forgets to bring the key? Wang Li Guxin Z100 solves the problem for you. , solid heart Z100 lock anti-tech open time of 270 minutes, 270 times more safety factor than your original security door, 2.7 million worth of life value. At the same time, it can be opened by fingerprint, password, IC card, remote APP (mobile phone remote), etc. It is safe and convenient. What reason do you not enjoy this high-tech product?
3. Leading:
The kerosene lamp disappeared as soon as the electric light appeared.
The match disappeared as soon as the lighter appeared.
The abacus disappeared as soon as the calculator appeared.
When the phone appeared, the BB machine disappeared.
When WeChat appeared, no one sent a message, and Wang Li’s smart lock appeared with a key?
In the future, it may not be that you want to change smart locks, but all the people around you use smart locks. You have to use them. It is better to use the high-tech life convenience as soon as possible.
4, sincere and practical, love yourself, love family:
Aged old father
Every time I open the door, I have to work hard to find the keyhole and forcefully open the door.
Do you have a heart?
Look at yourself, the Apple phone in your hand is hot?
Are you only concerned about yourself? Look at yourself, use your phone well, wear clothes, what do you use for your family?
Nothing in this world is as important as loved ones. Why are safe and convenient products not for family members to enjoy? Now is now, what do you do for your family?
It is important to buy a high-quality, brand-sounding Wang Li smart door lock!! Let the family enjoy convenience and safety.
5, high quality famous products, value for money:
The price determines the quality, there is no fool in this world, and no business will sacrifice itself, sell high-quality products to you at low prices, think about it, price determines quality, good products must have good configuration and materials, cost there. ?
The intrinsic (material and materials) in the low-priced and low-quality products are absolutely cheap (you can't think of it). Is it really necessary to save some money?
6, exclusive product selling points:
All-round automatic locking, automatic anti-theft, close the door is locked, anti-forgetting lock, anti-leak lock, safe and convenient, especially convenient for the elderly and children; the roller touches the lock, stable and reliable, more than 5 times the test life of the national standard; Automatic clearance compensation structure, the door will not be shaken due to long-term use, the gap of the door frame will be self-adjusting, seamless, seamless, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and energy saving. Four barb lock tongue structure, anti-smashing lock function, not afraid of thieves; indoor one-button quick-open escape function, in line with human needs; insurance lock function to protect your family safety; invention patent products, the world's only patented products; The rack and pinion structure, the lock body is opened smoothly, and the hand feel is good; the original lock core self-locking structure makes the lock core use the structure principle of the true and false marbles when it is abnormally opened, so that the master can not distinguish the true and false of the lock marble. Can't be technically opened. Functions such as closed-door marbles and anti-drilling pieces cannot be opened. The core components inside the lock cylinder are first made of stainless steel, which greatly improves the anti-violence opening performance.
7, smart leading technology:
With the modern high-precision lock integrated technology as the carrier, Wang Li successfully developed the Chinese automatic lock series products and led the industry into the era of automatic intelligence. Wang Li smart lock 10 core advantages laid the leading position in the smart lock industry
1), Wang Li solid heart smart lock adheres to the unique characteristics of products to meet consumer demand, through the three professional R & D team in Italy, Hangzhou, headquarters to create the most secure lock core, anti-tech open time is much higher than the industry The highest standard, the internal core components are first made of stainless steel, which greatly improves the explosion-proof opening performance, anti-technical opening performance and anti-mite performance; and will fingerprint, face recognition, remote control, password, IC card, mobile phone, sensor, Facebook and iris, etc. Emerging technology combined with traditional locks; (standard Super C lock)
2), Wang Li solid heart smart lock fingerprint identification module uses Swiss imported semiconductor fingerprint head, although the cost is 10 times that of other brands, but the outstanding performance can be more intimate to protect your love home.
3), Wang Li Guxin Smart Lock adopts the self-developed operation control system with core patents, which completely solves the common security hazards of other brand intelligent control systems and completely eliminates the opening of any technical means. At present, other brands on the market are intelligently latched in the problem: their control systems are all located outside, destroyed, crashed, opened by technology, and the battery is easily turned off and so on. Wang Li intelligent lock three power separation (acquisition system, identification system, control system); and remote unlocking, monitoring functions. It also combines emerging technologies such as fingerprints, face recognition, remote control, passwords, IC cards, mobile phones, sensors, Facebook and iris with traditional locks; Wang Li Smart Lock is the first to solve the security risks of intelligent control systems.
4), Wang Li solid heart smart lock panel has 4 riveting masts, thieves can not be violently disassembled, and other brands of smart locks are 2 movable studs, which can be easily disassembled.
5), unique patent encryption technology, to solve the common hidden dangers such as the unlocking of tin foil and violent unlocking of other brands of smart locks on the market.
6) Corrosion reaches the 96-hour salt spray index, which is much higher than the 48-hour national standard for salt spray.
7), energy-saving can reach more than 20,000 times to open, far exceeding the standard of 10,000 consecutive opening.
8), mobile phone download app can be remotely unlocked with heart control, military-grade encryption, unique local one-button shutdown function double security.
8, innovation leading, advanced concept, full service:
Based on the technological innovation system of producing one generation, developing one generation and pre-researching generation, Wang Li has always stood at the forefront of technological innovation with advanced consciousness, and has created the market leading position of Wang Limen Lock Industry. Determined to "provide consumers with the best and most innovative innovative products", so that consumers enjoy a "more reliable, safer and more convenient" life.
Over the years, Wangli Group has been promoting the service system of “not only satisfying customers, but also moving customers”, and has promoted the construction of after-sales service system to provide users with all-round services quickly and thoughtfully, which makes the overall satisfaction higher than 99. %. Under the guidance of this strong sense of customer mission, the Group's after-sales service has achieved remarkable results. Ranked among the top brands in China's door industry, winning the top is the best affirmation of the strength of Wang Li Group, which fully demonstrates that it has gained consumer trust and recognition in product development, sales and service. With a keen insight into the market, Wang Li Group took the lead in paying attention to the bits and pieces of consumers' lives and developed an automatic lock-up anti-theft door lock system suitable for children and the elderly. In the field of intelligence, smart series products such as fingerprints, face recognition, remote control, passwords, IC cards, mobile phones, sensors, Facebook and irises have been launched, which are recognized by consumers and occupy an absolute leading position in the field of smart homes. .

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