The use of ordinary pressure gauges

The top of the common pressure gauge is provided with a liquid filling plug and an internal compensation film, which can be filled at the scene. The liquid-filled safety gauge has shock and damping capabilities to prevent internal damage to the gauge due to a sensation, while also smoothing internal components and reducing corrosion. However, when the smooth fat glycerin or silicone oil is mixed with chlorine, nitric acid, and nitrogen oxides and other strong oxidizers, chemical reactions may occur consciously, and incineration or blasting may cause damage to the equipment and may result in casualties. Therefore, when using it, we must pay attention to the following matters:
1, the maximum electric current of the electric contact pressure gauge does not exceed 3A (amperage), otherwise it is proud.
2, stainless steel pressure gauge should be straight equipment, transfer equipment should prevent collision and oscillation.
3, the pressure gauge should be in the ambient temperature of -40 °C - +70 °C relative humidity is not more than 85%, and the oscillation or the measured medium of the sharp pulse on reliable contact and accurate letter reading without affecting the use of the place.
4. The electrical circuit of the pressure gauge (refer to the schematic diagram) is carefully checked after setting up and connecting, and the test operation is performed.
5, pressure gauge conditioning in a given value, with a slotted screwdriver to carry out.
6, when measuring static load, can be used to measure the upper limit of 3/4, in the measurement of alternating load can be used to measure the upper limit of 2/3, about the moment the measurement can be used to measure the upper limit.
7. In the measurement of large viscosity media and dramatic pressure changes should be added blocking equipment and buffer equipment.
Stainless steel pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power stations, food and other industrial sectors to measure the pressure of various fluid media in processes that require high corrosion and high temperature resistance.

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