The three-phase aircraft service cabin will be in-orbit verification 嫦娥5 mission-related technology

Yan Zhaoyu, deputy director of the Bureau of Science and Technology for the Exploration of the Moon and the Aerospace Engineering Center, revealed in Beijing on the 2nd that the three phases of the lunar exploration project were re-entered into the flight tester and planned to carry out five expansion tests to verify the on-orbit test of the No. 5 mission-related technology.

At the press conference held on the same day, Zhai Zhaoyu said that the service cabin expansion test mainly includes the Earth Moon system Lagrangian-2 (referred to as the L2 point of the Earth) orbital flight test; the lunar orbital near-month braking flight verification; the moon Orbital rendezvous and docking remote guided flight process verification; evolution characteristics of the orbital orbit and orbital environment detection. In addition, the GPS, GLONASS compatible navigation receiver, dual resolution camera, GNC (Guide, Navigation and Control) central control unit, small star sensor and star-sensitive dust-proof mechanism will be installed in the service cabin. Rail test.

Xie Jianfeng, deputy head of the flight control group of the reentry and return flight test mission, said that in the service cabin expansion test, the rationality of the braking scheme for the near-month of the 嫦娥5 will be verified by the implementation of multiple near-month braking of the 43-degree orbital inclination. Through the service cabin simulation, the Lunar No. 5 lunar orbit rendezvous and docking remote guided orbital scheme and flight sequence, verify the correctness of the relevant design arrangements, and at the same time obtain the accuracy of the measurement orbit of the lunar orbit rendezvous and the orbiting moon orbit, and cooperate with each system and The flight control implementation process was drilled; the orbital evolution characteristics and the measured orbital accuracy data were obtained by flying at a height of 200 km and a dip angle of 43 degrees, to support the flight control of the No. 5 ring; the sampling area was Remote sensing detection, as far as possible to obtain the topography of the area and the power-down track area, to reduce the risk of landing on the Lu.

It is understood that the service module entered the orbit around L2 at the L2 point on November 27th. On the 28th, the first orbital maintenance control during the flight was completed. The flight is normal. Flight tests have been carried out on the Earth Moon L2 point orbit design, control strategy and measurement rail support, etc., and accumulated experience for subsequent lunar and deep space exploration missions.

Qi Zhaoyu said that the service module is scheduled to leave the moon at the L2 point in the first half of next year and fly to the moon in the first half of January; in mid-January, the near-month brake will be introduced into the lunar orbit; in February and March, a rendezvous and docking remote guidance test will be conducted; Perform a monthly imaging of the preset sampling landing zone. Subsequent trials or treatment options will be studied as appropriate.

Related links: Lagrangian points Refers to the point at which the small objects are stabilized by the gravitational forces of two objects. It was derived in 1772 by the French mathematician Lagrange. In a system consisting of two large celestial bodies, there are five Lagrangian points by inference. Lagrange-2 is located on the line between the two celestial bodies and on the side of the smaller celestial body. Therefore, the Earth Lagrange-2 can be placed in the space observatory to observe the back of the moon; relay satellites can also be arranged to provide communication services between the lunar probe and the ground.

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