The role of China's plastic packaging market is more important

China is the world's largest producer and seller of fruits and vegetables. However, about 30% of the fruits are lost during storage, transportation and sales. The important reasons for improper packaging are the increasingly competitive market conditions. The more important it is. Currently, polyethylene film and polypropylene film are the most widely used packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables.
The development trend of the packaging industry has shifted from simple packaging to innovative packaging. With the improvement of economy and consumption, packaging bags are no longer simple products. Enterprises and consumers are improving the quality, materials and quality of their bags. The use of plastic bags in North America and Western Europe is already high, and changes in product mix will continue to support the continued growth in demand for bags in these regions.

It is understood that plastics play an important role in national urban infrastructure construction and high-speed railway construction, and the plastic packaging market continues to expand. The government attaches great importance to technological innovation, and the plastics processing industry is supported as a key industry in the light industry adjustment and revitalization plan. Therefore, the demand for plastic packaging will continue to rise.

Some mature plastic packaging markets have begun to accept and popularize higher performance packaging bags. Lightweight is also the development trend of plastic packaging bags. The reduction of consumables and the light load of transportation make the cost lower, which meets the interests of producers. At the same time, for the market, lightweight packaging bags also bring new trends in environmental protection and convenience, which are gradually being promoted.
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