The Return of Used Lithium Batteries

The Return of Used Lithium Batteries

At present, the production of lithium batteries is entirely dependent on the supply of lithium-rich minerals, but in the future one day will face the completion of mining, lack of resources, and more importantly, when these lithium batteries reach the end of their useful life, it is difficult to Lithium is recovered from these inorganic materials and remanufactured.

To alleviate this problem, the research team at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, tried to extract the lithium elements of scrapped lithium batteries for the creation of renewable biomaterials, and to create materials similar to ordinary lithium batteries.

The research team collects and extracts the extracted material in a certain proportion with the seed and the pine resin to produce a recyclable battery. Users can recycle batteries using a very simple way of adding moisture or ethanol. Prof. Daniel Brandell, a team member, said: "We believe that our findings have opened up several doors to future batteries and helped build environmentally friendly, energy-efficient battery solutions."

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