The improvement of domestic wind power access threshold will be a good trend

Moderator: We know that domestic wind power access thresholds should be more stringent, such as the performance, quality, and grid-connected standards of power generation. What do you think about this?

Zhang Binquan: I think this is a very good trend. The state's focus on wind power equipment has greatly supported this issue, from focusing on its quantitative development to focusing on its quality. In fact, United Power also participated in the formulation and revision of some of the country's new standards. Some standards were compiled by our company's technical staff.

We believe that raising the threshold of technology has a great effect on the healthy development of wind power manufacturing. It makes everyone realize that it is your ultimate goal to ensure that a product can bring benefits to the owner safely and stably for 20 years. United Power owns a research and development team of nearly 200 people, and has also imported a large number of advanced engineering calculation software from international and domestic sources. At present, United Power has formed a complete set of technical systems from wind resource analysis, new model development and simulation, testing, production, commissioning and services. At the same time, United Power also has nearly 1,000 maintenance and repair service teams. On the one hand, we have designed a large-scale, low-speed wind turbine. On the other hand, we have also considered localization factors and different mountain conditions or transportation installation problems under marine conditions in the selection of materials. We have our own s solution.

Wind turbines are operating in a decentralized manner. Especially when operating in remote areas, how to install the wind turbine there and then let the wind turbine run well is an important issue. In conjunction with the strategy of “Strengthening the Information Industry” advocated by China this year, United Power has independently developed a set of data operation platforms. The operating platform will connect the operating data of more than 5000 units of United Power's wind turbines to the data center. In this way, every fan we do has its own independent file, and its operating status every minute is monitored. Once it has a problem, then our back-end experts will guide our nearest field engineering service engineer to the scene to solve. So, for the development of wind power services, we are not only designing, manufacturing, but also running and maintaining it.

At the same time, some requirements have been strengthened in connection with the adaptation of the grid. I think this is also very good. At present, we have actively cooperated with the grid in predicting wind power, enabling the grid to understand in advance the regularity of wind power generation and make some adjustments to its own grid adaptability. In the next step, we must also bring out some of our own technologies for low-voltage ride-through, high-voltage ride-through, and active and reactive power compensation of wind turbines to adapt to some changes in the power grid. In this way, the power grid and power generation can help each other and make up for each other's wind power. In itself, this lack of electrical characteristics, together with the wind power market.