Textile mechanism of common pests and diseases in summer onion

The common pests and diseases of green onions include soft rot, purple spot disease, and spotted fly. It is extremely important to improve the yield of green onions and pests. It is now in the summer, how to do the prevention and control of green onion pests and diseases? Let's take a look at Xiaobian.

Soft rot: This disease is most serious in summer, low-lying land, long-distance land, and continuous cropping. The upper leaves of the disease show normal in the middle stage of the disease, and the stems and roots all rot and become odor, which has a great impact on the yield and even the harvest.

Control measures: Cultivate strong seedlings, apply sufficient base fertilizer, and timely control underground pests. Rotating with corn, rice, and beans.

Chemical control: Spray protection is initiated at the beginning of the disease. The medicament can be selected by using 50% succinic acid copper WP WP 500 times solution, or 72% agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 4000 times solution, and spraying and spring spray treatment. At the time of spraying, attention should be paid to the spraying of the base of the plant. Every 7 to 10 days, once every 2 to 3 times, depending on the development of the disease.

Purple spot disease: This disease is also a long-term disease in the hot and rainy season.

Chemical control: 58% metalaxyl manganese zinc 800 times solution, 50% iprodione 1500 times solution, 75% chlorothalonil 600 times solution.

Hummer: The affected area forms yellow-white small spots. When the number is large, the spots are dense, forming large plaques, and the leaves are yellow and wilted.

Control measures: remove weeds in the field. When the amount of occurrence is large and the soil is dry, the number of irrigations is increased, and a part of it can be drowned.

Chemical control: 10% imidacloprid 2000 times or 1.8% avermectin 3000 times spray, can also be controlled with ethyl spinosad, Kangkuan, cyfluthrin and other agents.

Liriomyza: The larvae feed on the leaves of the onion to form a curved stalk. Causes the leaves to dry out, or the heart leaves rot. It is seriously harmful in the early summer and late summer.

Chemical control: 75% cytosine 5000~7000 times, or 58% avermectin diesel emulsifiable concentrate.

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