Strawberry correct cleaning method

Correct cleaning method for strawberries :

The reason why strawberry is difficult to clean is mainly because its appearance is rough, and the skin is very thin, and it will be broken when washed.

Therefore, many people simply eat water in order to save trouble. In fact, strawberries are herbaceous plants, plants are relatively low, and the fruit is tender and juicy, which makes it susceptible to pests and diseases. Therefore, pesticides should be used frequently in the process of growing strawberries. These pesticides, fertilizers, and germs can easily adhere to the rough surface of strawberries. If they are not cleaned, they may cause diarrhea and even pesticide poisoning.

To wash the strawberries, it is best to rinse them with tap water. The flowing water can prevent pesticides from penetrating into the fruits. Do not eat the washed strawberries immediately. It is best to soak them in light salt water or rice water for 5 minutes. Light salt water can kill harmful microbes on the surface of strawberries; rice water is alkaline, which can promote the degradation of acidic pesticides. When washing strawberries, be careful not to remove the strawberry stalks. If the strawberries are soaked in water, the residual pesticide will enter the fruit with the water, causing more serious pollution. In addition, do not soak the strawberries with detergents such as washing spirits. These substances are difficult to clean and easily remain in the fruits, causing secondary pollution.