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The biggest characteristic of standard pine furniture is natural and stable. While maintaining the color and texture of pine wood, the furniture design lines are smooth and natural, and the details show a high quality of life.

Scale pine furniture living room series

While promoting the brand strategy, scale furniture also advocates the concept of consumer service for healthy furniture and harmonious families. With customers as the center, it will fully serve the society. Continuously adapting to the needs of modern consumption levels, we have introduced new products, developed and designed a series of solid wood furniture styles, which bring vitality to the entire furniture industry and at the same time instill a strong cultural atmosphere.

Scale pine furniture bedroom series

Standard pine furniture is made of Russian-imported Pinus sylvestris slats, and the use of finger-joint materials is eliminated on the surface to minimize harmful gas hazards. Handle adopts recessed design, no metal traces on the surface of furniture, fittings adopt DTC, the first hardware brand in China, and matte lacquer for surface coating.

Scale Pine Furniture Study Series

Scale pine furniture children's room series

Scale pine furniture children's room series uses environmentally friendly pine wood, more close to children, natural environmental protection. The standard pine furniture children's series is designed in a variety of forms, in line with children's natural and divergent thinking. In many places, the designs are rounded and very humane.

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Wall Niches

A truly gorgeous piece that is valuable to you deserves a special place,Polyurethane Niches are built into the wall and finished with mouldings.

Combined with trendy colors or designs, Polyurethane Niches/ Wall Niches have magnificent results in modern environments.

When you screw the Polyurethane Niches(Polyurethane Niches,Decorative Wall Niches, Bathroom Niches ,Shower Wall Niches,Polyurethane Wall Niches,Wall Niches) at the wall, then you can put a weight of maximal 3kg in the PU Niche.


1. Light weight and easy to install.

2. Ready to paint and draw.

3. Cuts and installs like wood.

4. Can support up to 3kg with proper installation.

5. High density polyurethane for maximum durability and detail.

6. Modeled after original historical patterns and designs.

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Polyurethane Wall Niches

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