Round Cup Magnet Rpm-B48

Model NO.: Round cup Magnet RPM-B48
Trademark: SHINE
Transport Package: Standard for Sea and Air Delivery
Specification: B16 ~ B75 mm
Origin: Ningbo
Round cup magnet is comprised of steel cup and ring magnet.This round cup magnet are  made up of powerful neodymium magnet encased iron cup with a fixing hole in the central.Round base magnet,or RB magnet, is used for holding heavy objects. Round cup magnets could retain heavy objects by its huge magnetic force.By fixed with a nail. Round cup magnet could attach a inspection equipment., LED light, signs, tools and more.  
Round cup magnet could retain a weight 200 times than itself. The work temperature of round cup magnet is 80ºC,if require higher working temperature,then higher grade of ndfeb magnet is needed.Round cup magnet work best on clean and flat surfaces, or it will reduce its real magnetic force.

Neodymium cup magnet ( Axial hole type) is extremly strong when placed on steel.  Neodymium cup magnets are ideal for fixing tools. It is right to say neodymium cup magnet generate is much strongger than smco magnet and ferrite magnet. But a neodymium cup magnet is even strongger than barely magnets which the magnetic field is dispersive and unevenly. 


1 All NdFeB magnets used are made by our own magnet factory. We can well guarantee the quality of magnets  
2 Standard producing process and strict quality checking
3 Our know-how experts in magnetics could give you best solution on magnets to make sure the strong holding force of the concrete magnet
4 Competitive price,stable quality, in time reponse
5. Fast delivery. We have thousands different models in stock, thus could deliver pot magnets in the second day after receipt of payment
Detailed specifications

1.Size: As per the table. Customer tailored design are available.
2.Material: NdFeB magnets + Steel cup
3.Coating: NiCuNi or as per customers requirement.
4.Glue:  Loctite. The gluing of magnet and steel cup could be well guaranteed.
Model D
of iron(mm)
RPM-B16 16 3.5 6.2  5.0  1.0  4 
RPM-B20 20 4.5 8.5  7.0  1.0  6 
RPM-B25 25 5.5 10.0  8.0  2.0  14 
RPM-B32 32 5.5 10.0  8.0  2.5  23 
RPM-B36 36 5.5 10.0  8.0  2.5  29 
RPM-B42 42 6.5 12.0  9.0  2.5  32 
RPM-B48 48 8.5 18.0  12.0  3.0  63 
RPM-B60 60 8.5 18.0  15.0  3.0  95 
RPM-B75 75 11 19.0  17.0  3.0  155 
Round Cup Magnet Rpm-B48
Round Cup Magnet Rpm-B48
Round Cup Magnet Rpm-B48

Round Cup Magnet Rpm-B48

Water Reducing Admixture

Water reducing agent is a kind of Concrete Admixture which can reduce the water consumption of mixing under the condition that the slump of the concrete is kept basically unchanged. Most of them belong to anionic surfactants, such as lignin sulfonate and naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde polymer. After adding the concrete mixture, it has a dispersing effect on the cement particles, which can improve its workability, reduce the unit water consumption, and improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture; or reduce the unit cement dosage and save cement.

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