Rotor pump maintenance and fault maintenance

As the rotor pump in the chemical industry such as resin and polymer, emulsion and other drugs, detergents and other cosmetics, fat products such as paste and tomato sauce and other fruit concentrates and other fields have an important role in the rotor pump Maintenance and fault maintenance such issues have also been more users attention. Rotor pump maintenance and fault maintenance Rotor pump maintenance: 1, seal, pump seal is divided into static seal and movable seal, static seal sealing ring (see Figure 1, 3) should pay attention to the surface without scratches Or bumps, otherwise, in order to directly affect the sealing effect; seal for the moving parts, because it will be pressure and corrosion of the transmission medium, there are many factors such as media wear and tear and other factors (see Figure 1, 2) Inadvertently, there may be a spill. Once the product leaks, it should stop downtime maintenance, wipe with a soft clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerol, after assembly, the first hand before use, such as repair hopeless, should be replaced with new pieces. 2, lubrication parts, the pump gear, rolling bearings, lubrication conditions must be maintained (see Figure 1, the pieces 15, 11 and 1 pieces), usually, always pay attention to the level of oil in the gear, given enough lubricating oil , And to ensure the pure, clean oil, regularly (six months or a year) to replace a new oil. 3, the electrical system, in the vicinity of electrical equipment, are not allowed to store the destruction of insulation equipment, substances or gases. At the same time must keep the electric equipment in a dry environment. If it is difficult to avoid the installation of moisture-proof facilities 4, routine maintenance, whenever the downtime does not work, according to the nature of the delivery of materials, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, the pump for effective cleaning, and finally have to use water to clean it again to ensure that the pump clean. Rotor pump fault maintenance: 1, pump and motor shaft connection, should first correct their level and ensure that both coaxial rear coupling can be installed, otherwise, will cause mechanical damage. 2, because the pump is a fixed capacity pump, displacement per revolution, once the process for some reason to stop working and the pump is still working, then the pump pressure will rise indefinitely, leading to seal leaks, mechanical damage The accident occurred, therefore, must take effective preventive measures. Example 1: With the upper and lower processes should be chain, when the next process downtime, stop the pump at the same time. Example 2, the output of the pipeline can be installed safety valve and overpressure circuit system, once over-pressure will be automatically unloaded. 3, if the pump control valve, it can only be installed in the pump inlet pipe, the outlet pipe should not be installed control valve, easily lead to over-pressure error. When the rotor pump inverter configuration, it can realize the function of regulating the flow, the rotor pump has many outstanding features, these advantages make rotor pump more and more users have been affirmed and loved, I believe the future of the rotor pump With the support of all walks of life, can develop better.

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