Rosewood dining table - quality guaranteed dining table

Every day, the friends gather at the table , dine and exchange at the table... The table also shows the taste of life. Since the table is so important, why don't we choose a good quality and guaranteed table? Rosewood dining table, quality assurance of the table, let G O Jia Ju Xiao Bian to introduce you to a lower rosewood dining table.


The quality of the rosewood table is guaranteed. What is the rosewood?

The wood structure of the rosewood is very fine to fine, and the average tube hole chord diameter is not more than 200 micrometers; the diameter markings are not obvious or slightly obvious, and the string mask wave marks. The wood is shiny, sour or sour (a few are rose aroma) texture is oblique or staggered, the structure is fine and even (several medium) corrosion resistance, durability. The material is hard and heavy, and the strength is high. When the wood moisture content is 12%, the air dry density is greater than 0.85 g/cm3, usually sinking in water.


The quality of the rosewood table is guaranteed. What is the rosewood dining table?

The rosewood table is a table made from sour wood, which is guaranteed to be of high quality.


After reading the above article, are you tempted by the rosewood table, and the heart is not as good as action!

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