Powder coating formula: black cotton powder coating

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The cotton powder coating has simple production process and superior decorative performance. It is widely used in the coating of metal surfaces such as furniture, home appliances, sports equipment, lighting, grills, pipes, various building materials, electromechanical instruments, computer casings, motorcycles, automobiles, microscopes, etc. Installed. The production process is to add a cotton agent to a pure epoxy system to produce a crepe pattern, a matte pattern (also known as water pattern or cloth pattern), or to squeezing in the cyclopolymer system to produce a pattern similar to the former. In the cyclopolymer system, a slightly larger pattern can be obtained, but the corner patterns are different. Whether it is squeezed or added, it must be evenly mixed to obtain a stable pattern. The use of cotton agents also requires attention to the baking conditions have a significant impact on the pattern effect.

Black cotton powder coating formula


1) 90-100 extrusion 200*30 separate baking package baking is good for the grain

2) Epoxy uses two-step method, which plays a key role in curing and graining; epoxy addition accounts for 60% of formula

3) Add a small amount of leveling to adjust the grain, adjust the amount of the agent in a proper amount, and the amount of large flowers is small and small. It is necessary to make a small test to determine that the amount of the large test production must be evenly mixed.

4) The toxic agent is toxic, it is irritating to the eyes, the use process is safe, and the protection measures are taken.

5) All links are strictly controlled, slightly different, and the textures are different.

6) The mixing effect of the extrusion equipment is slightly worse, and the formula is more obvious. When spraying, it should be thickly coated as much as possible, about 80 microns, to reduce the exposed bottom.

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