Ordos Launches Full Inspection of Fire Safety before the Spring Festival

In order to further promote the second “Qinghu Fire” campaign and ensure the stability of the city’s fire situation, leaders of various government agencies in Ordos City have led multi-sectoral inspections of fire safety before the Spring Festival in the region and hidden dangers of iron fists.

On the morning of January 15th, deputy leader of the People's Government of Hangjinqi and director of the Public Security Bureau Dewu Liji led the leaders of public security, fire control, and safety supervision to go deep into the Hangjinqi Bus Station, the Ovis Vuitton Hotel, and Haichang Shopping City. Unit workplaces conducted a major safety inspection. At the Hangjinqi Bus Station, de Uliqi’s deputy head of the flag briefed the person in charge of the station during the Spring Festival security and firefighting work, and inspected the implementation of safety precautions such as fire extinguishers and safety hammers; at the Ovis Vuitton Hotel and the sea Chang Chang Shopping City, de Uliqi deputy flag chief learned about the location of fire facilities, escape channels, product storage, hotel banquet hall, kitchen environment and hidden improvement and improvement exhibition, and went deep into the fire control room, video surveillance room for field inspection , Inquired about the recent development of fire safety work, the implementation of the safety responsibility system, and the operation of various safety facilities. At the same time, random checks of fire extinguisher operations by the employees in the workplace were conducted. During the inspection, Comrade de Uliji emphasized: During the “two sessions” in the region, people and facilities such as shopping malls and hotels must attach great importance to fire safety. Especially during the coming Spring Festival, it is a time when various types of fire accidents are frequent and prone to happen. The fire safety responsibility system strictly manages the use of fire and electricity, strengthens the equipment, equipment, and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment and equipment to ensure timely handling in the event of emergencies. At the same time, the fire brigade must strengthen supervision, and complete the fire-fighting facilities as soon as possible. Clear the escape route.

On January 17, Wu Xiangguo, the deputy head of the government of Wushenqi, called the flag public security, fire control, transportation, safety supervision, transportation management, and traffic control departments to inspect the Spring Festival Spring Festival work, and the relevant responsible persons of various departments accompanied the inspection. During the inspection, He Xiangguo’s deputy leader and his delegation first inspected the passenger bus station in Lulutu Town, Wushen County, and conducted inspections. The inspections focused on: checking the fire safety evacuation passageways, evacuation stairs, and safe exits at waiting halls, parking lots and other places. Safety exit facilities, evacuation signs, emergency lighting settings and the status of fire extinguishers; check the fire extinguishers equipped in the vehicles and the use of fire extinguishers by the pilots; check the fire safety responsibility system of the station and the implementation of daily fire safety management measures; Fire station operation status of the station and the maintenance and management of fire equipment; Check the duty station's duty, inspection system and the implementation of the fire safety management system for fire, electricity, gas, and oil; check the fire safety knowledge of employees in the hall, The use of fire extinguishing equipment is to control and organize the evacuation, escape, self-rescue, formulation of emergency evacuation plans and drills. Subsequently, the deputy banner of He Xiangguo and his delegation went deep into the Wushenqi Pingan Taxi Company and told the person in charge of the taxi company about the various preparations that the taxi company made during the Spring Festival. Taxi companies are required to strengthen the management of taxi drivers and enhance the overall image of Wushen Banner.

In order to further enhance fire safety awareness and ensure a good fire safety environment during the Spring Festival, the deputy leader of the Zhungeer People's Government and the director of the Public Security Bureau, Wang Deqiang, lead the principals of fire protection, safety supervision, public security, and other units to the shopping malls and markets in the area. Launched an assault fire safety inspection. In the Xinglong Market, Xuejiawan Town, Zhunqi Banner, the deputy banner and deputy banner of Deqiang Wang Deqiang made detailed inquiries and inspections on the duty status, personnel responsibilities, fire-fighting facilities, and internal inspections of the market. In particular, key inspections were carried out on the implementation of the fire safety responsibility system, the availability of fire-fighting facilities, the availability of fire-fighting safety exits and evacuation routes, the basic knowledge of practitioners on fire control, and the operation of basic fire-fighting equipment. After the inspection, Wang Deqiang, the deputy head of the flag, asked the person in charge of the market to first effectively strengthen the internal fire safety and security work, and form an all-round prevention system in which the legal person is responsible, the organization is sound, the prevention facilities are complete, and the prevention system is strict. Second, the relevant units must perform their work duties in accordance with the law, increase law enforcement, provide enthusiastic service, help the units in the area to develop ideas, and think of ways to supervise and promptly eliminate potential fire hazards and strictly rectify fire hazards. The third is to carry out in-depth firefighting propaganda, pool the wisdom and strength of the entire society, and effectively create a good fire safety environment for the jurisdiction.

Leaders of various government agencies in Ordos led teams to carry out large-scale fire safety inspections prior to the Spring Festival. This not only fully demonstrated that the Party committees, governments, and functional departments at all levels in Ordos attached great importance to the work of fire safety, and that all work measures deployed by the party committees and governments were solid and effective. At the same time, it has effectively eliminated the fire hazards in the society and better ensured the continuous and stable fire safety situation in the city.

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