NL vertical submerged mud pump installation skills

We all know that NL vertical submerged mud pump installation should pay attention to what matters? Installation, if you pay attention to some small details, easy to cause damage, affecting work efficiency. Now fluid net Xiaobian to introduce NL type vertical submerged mud pump installation skills. 1, check all the parts for defects, all paper pads on both sides should be coated with a layer of book butter, plus two thirds of the bearing butter. 2, skeleton oil seal must be filled with butter into the pump seat, and then loaded on the bearings. 3, the sleeve fitted with a 0-ring sealed with butter. 4, the bearing in the motor seat, put the paper pad, oil seal ring, mounted on the shaft and the support tube with screws. 5, put paper pad, fitted with bearings, bushings, keys, pump seat and impeller, tighten the impeller nut hand rotating impeller, flexible rotation can be. 6, put the paper pad fitted pump casing, fixed with screws and fitted with filter. Then hand pulling the impeller, turning flexible. 7, Install the key and driven coupling on the pump shaft, install the key and active coupling on the motor shaft, then fix the motor and the motor base bolt. After installation, the axial clearance between the active coupling and the driven coupling should be 1 to 1.5 mm. (Editor: Lin Minghong) An expanded reading: 2016 China Ring Expo 2016 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition Pumps Valves Pipe Fittings Exhibition Information 2016 Exhibition Information

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