Navel orange fruit preservation technology

First, the ring cuts flowers

   In the middle of September of the next year, the erecting branches were cut with a ring cutter, and the blade spacing was 0.3 cm. After the ring cutting, smear the flower king 2 (Southern product), you can control the flower, preserve the fruit and protect the fruit.

Second, pre-flowering

Winter pruning should be lightly cut or not cut, with emphasis on pre-flowering. High-branched trees generally grow more vigorously. Even after being treated by pulling branches, they show dense branches, poor light transmission of crowns, and uneven distribution of flower buds on the canopy. From late March to late April, the middle erect fragrant flowering branches and overlapping branches and inner stalks are removed, and the squid branches are preserved as much as possible. After trimming, the crowns are erect, creating conditions for the three-dimensional results.

Third, improve the technical measures of preservation of flowers and fruits

1, change the hormone to promote fruit for the early flower bud

From the first to the middle of April, before the flowering, it was sprayed with melon and fruit. The peduncle became longer and thicker, the stalks became thicker, the dense disk became larger, and the buds decreased significantly.

2, after changing the flower, the fruit is sprayed with hormones to promote fruit

Use 10×10-6 of 2,4-D+40×10-6 boric acid 0.2%, add insecticide and fungicide at the same time, spray young fruit and flower buds, carry out from full bloom to Xiehua period, reduce the first physiological Fruit drop.

3, change the late spring shoots for the ring peeling control

At the beginning of the Xiehua period, the result is more prosperous, and the result of strong erectism is cut with a ring cutter, and then coated with the flower king 2 (Southern product), which has little damage to the tree and effectively controls it, and does not affect the autumn shoot. .

4, use umbilical cord yellow inhibitor (FOWS) to prevent navel yellow

In the past, umbilical cord was found, removed with a knife, coated with 902 and fungicides. In late May 1995, the umbilical yellow inhibitor Fows (developed by the Chinese Citrus Research Institute) was used. The concentration of 0.3 kg per 10 ml of the umbilicus can increase the fruit setting rate and prevent the umbilical cord and the umbilical cord. Yellow is rarely found.

Fourth, fertilizer and water management

1. Change drought resistance to drought prevention

The flowering period from the end of June to the end of June is a period when the young fruit is particularly sensitive to water. If the young fruit period is hot and dry, the sprinkler irrigation facilities should be fully utilized, sprayed in the morning and evening, once every 7 days, and become passive. And in the spring germination stage, the autumn shoots and the 6-10 months fruit expansion period, timely sprinkler irrigation.

2, unified bud shoot to prevent citrus leaf miner

Around July 10, it is the low-valley period of the oviposition moths of adult leaf miner. It concentrates on the shoots during this period, and carries out chemical control. Before and after the shoots, it is found that the sporadic autumn shoots are all smeared, and the leaf miner is harmed. Rarely happens.

3, fertilization

In late June, heavy fruit was applied to promote the fertilizer, and the amount of fertilizer applied accounted for 60% of the whole year. The plant has 5 kg of oil cake, 3 kg of dried chicken manure, 1 kg of calcium magnesium phosphate, 0.5 kg of potassium chloride (produced in Canada), and 1 kg of carbonamine. Potassium chloride is scattered in the rhizosphere, sprinkled after spraying or before rain. Fertilization in the first ten days of September, except for the absence of carbonamine, the types and amounts of the above fertilizers are still used.

4, prevention of sunburn and cracked fruit

In July, the canopy was sprayed with 2% lime water. In August and early September, young fruits and young shoots were sprayed with 0.2% boric acid and the same amount of quicklime. The cracked fruit was significantly reduced compared with previous years.

High-grass navel orange, uneven distribution of flower buds, less drought, low temperature in young fruit stage, improved fruit-promoting measures, especially the application of synergistic liquefied BA+GA and umbilical yellow inhibitor Fows, and the mixture of boric acid and quicklime in autumn Spraying cloth plays a better role in maintaining fruit, reducing umbilical cord and reducing cracking.

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