Lu Fu Bedding Kong Jian: After 90, it will gradually become the main body of furniture consumption

On March 19-22, 2012, the 27th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Shenzhen Furniture Fair positioned high-end design exhibition, which has always been the leader of future life design.
At the same time, at this Shenzhen Furniture Fair,
The Furniture Channel continued to implement the “2012, China Furniture Man Happiness A Plan” annual plan. The reporters from the North, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen have further investigated the current living conditions of Chinese furniture people and hope to contribute to the improvement of the happiness of Chinese furniture people.
>>>>>>Click to view the topic: Design life mode The 27th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair interviewed guests: Lu Fu bedding president Kong Jian [
】: Hello, always! What kind of products did the exhibition want to achieve and what products were exhibited?
[Kong Jian] From the first day, I feel that the effect of achieving our exhibition is basically no problem.
】How many stores are expected to open? What new products are there this year?
[Kong Jian] I gave the sales department the task of going down the year. It’s not how many exhibitions this exhibition has. In fact, many of our customers have already started training at the last exhibition and have started to communicate. We are not that. The kind of dealer who brought the one-time flicker to him, we let them know us and let him be interested in the furniture industry. He has ideas about high-end quality and he will come in.
All the girls hope to wear Cinderella's crystal shoes and enter the marriage hall with the prince, we can meet the dreams of these girls. We also launched a new series of products for them this year. This series is mainly aimed at, today, a licensing ceremony, this series is mainly aimed at young people, about 90 young people.
Pushing the electric bed: the first wave of products in the intelligent age [
In addition to these series, what new products have we launched?
[Kong Jian] In the past six months, we have also seen some design trends in Europe. We are looking at what the high-end bedding of sleep in the next 5-10 years should look like. In fact, everyone's views are inconsistent, saying that the future bedding must be a smart age.
】 Just like the electric bed we introduced.
[Kong Jian] Yes, our electric bed can be said to be the first wave of products in the intelligent era. In the future, we will do research and development in the intelligentization of smart bedding products and we are already trying, for example, you are lying in our bed. Pad, you say "Baby, I am going to sleep", this bed will open. You say "Baby, I want to watch TV", it hits the arc of watching TV. This arc has a memory function. This is intelligent, but it is just a mattress. It should be a whole design. He can Help you to pour the flowers on the balcony, help you adjust the temperature of the room before going home, help you put the bath water well, and adjust the lighting.
】 Is that the whole smart home system?
[Kong Jian] This should be the development trend of high-end bedding in the future 5-10 years.
】 Can 5-10 years achieve this trend change? Is it a beginning or a development?
[Kong Jian] I can do this technology, but I said that this product is slowly starting to be accepted by high-end people in 5-10 years.
】 I just met a visitor in our store. He was also attracted by our electric bed. He told me that he was particularly interested in this bed. He might also invest in this. But he has a worry, saying that this bed is an experimental product, you just said the first wave, is this service life guaranteed? Will it involve a lot of complicated after-sales services?
[Kong Jian] Now we use the electric motor of the electric bed motor. The motor of Oken is a global alliance. For example, I sell this product to the Middle East. If the motor has a problem, the Middle East Oken will be responsible for this repair. This bracket frame structure is a roller-type frame structure that we produce ourselves. We are quite confident about the quality of this frame. This is basically no problem, and this product is not the first to be launched. Our partner has been in this product for many years.
】in Europe?
[Kong Jian] Yes.
】 Does it have any problems after the sale?
[Kong Jian] Of course, there will be any products, and all manufacturing industries will have after-sales problems.
】What kind of after-sales protection do we have?
[Kong Jian] The furniture industry has formed a complete system for the handling of after-sales problems.
[Kong Jian] All brands, such as the left and right, round square garden, when their customers have product quality problems, they will have an effective treatment, I have dinner with several IKEA leaders, we said after-sales service The standard, this standard is very simple is the customer experience, this customer can't say that your product is doing well, the customer said OK is OK, the customer is definitely not OK.
】 Now that we have such a good product, how can we promote it?
[Kong Jian] I have been working in the furniture industry for more than 8 years. Our industry is relatively mature and relatively strong in channel construction. Our ability to expand the investment team is no problem.
Stores with poor business conditions will gradually be eliminated.
What do you think of this year's market environment?
[Kong Jian] It should be said that this year's market is a good mall. He is still good. He has not changed. You can see a few examples. We will not mention those examples. He will be slowly eliminated in a bad mall.
】What are you talking about?
[Kong Jian] Yes, in fact, as long as there is no problem in the shopping malls in our customer base, our customers will have no problem. First of all, the major chain properties of the Chinese furniture industry are highly respected by our company, and many of them are my friends for many years. I was with them 8 years ago during their growth period, including the recognition of our brand. They often leave us the most popular location and the front position of the whole mall, so we definitely have no place in this position. The problem, if we have problems, the other has long been unable to stand up.
】 Many brands are now reflecting the increase in rents in the stores.
[Kong Jian] I think the rent of the store is still falling. If you only pursue unilateral profit, you can't last long. In fact, this time I obviously feel that many properties are very low-key, and I have a lot of logistics. After the exchange, I feel that they are concerned about the dealers, they are already considering the rent, but they have to make up their minds. If the store is not determined to adjust its confidence, then he will never get back if he loses.
I think the property rent in the furniture industry is reduced by a few percent. We don't talk about it. We don't talk about how much he wants to drop. Think about how much he has risen by 5% in 3-5 years. He replies to 3 years. The previous level should be more appropriate, it should be more than 15%.
It is not difficult to implement the clear price.
】 Now there are some stores that directly say that they are actually pushing the actual price, Lufu’s price is a strategy to take, can we implement the actual price?
[Kong Jian] We are actually the best shopping mall in the North Fourth Ring Road. We will be together with the shopping malls. Actually, our self-operated system, the most painful part of the self-operated system is the clear price. If the mall can clearly price the price, then we Self-operated development is very good, the price is not dead, our entire financial system can not operate, any one can talk about the price, then how is our finances accounted for? How do you know how much this discount and this rebate is, there is no way to operate. I think that any brand will eventually have to be clearly priced.
I hope this will become a rule of the industry as soon as possible.
[Kong Jian] Yes, we are also very supportive and very recognized. I feel that at this point it can be said that it is a trend that leads the industry to a good faith and clear price.
】 If you really realize this clear price in our industry, how long do you think it can be done?
[Kong Jian] Actually, I don't think it's hard. In fact, it depends on whether the most important people have participated. As long as the most important people have participated, they basically follow up. We gradually infiltrated the second and third tier markets. Our product line has also made some layouts for the second and third tier markets, adding some products that can be adapted to the second and third tier markets in terms of new product development. In fact, we have already set the tone for the development of this product. At the beginning of last year, we have set the tone. In addition to the provincial capital cities other than the first-line market, we have to enter the second and third-tier markets. How do we enter? Is product positioning, our brand is no problem.
After 90, it will gradually become the main body of furniture consumption.
】 Is this brand originally based in the second and third tier markets?
[Kong Jian] When it comes to the brand, the furniture industry does not say that it is a very well-known mass brand.
】The recognition of the brand is not too high.
[Kong Jian] But every brand operation is different. Since the independent operation, Lufu has paid special attention to the normal operation of our brand. We have a booklet here, which can withstand the text. The tests are all standardized, and we are strictly demanding that we cannot advertise falsely. I think there are some in the industry that may be exaggerating the brand in order to pursue the immediate interests, which leads to the fact that consumers are not clear about the specific situation. These methods will be eliminated gradually, even if the media does not expose them. They will not accept this generation after 90, they will naturally be eliminated by the market. Because after 90, their overall education and quality is much higher than 80.
After 90, this kind of thing is very realistic. Some people in the 80s will say that "90 is a generation that has been destroyed." I said wrong, and 90 is a more incompetent generation. The 90 generation began to gradually enter the age of consumption, and they will become the main group of furniture consumption.
】 But he can decide to buy this product.
[Kong Jian] The proportion of young people who bought about 90% of our products has increased from the previous two years. There are already many married people around 90, and many of them.
】 What is the sales situation in our first quarter?
[Kong Jian] The sales in the first quarter cannot be counted, because now March is not over yet, February should not be very good. In January, because there is a good Spring Festival, March is obviously much better than February, not a grade, but this year. In February, I suspect that the lowest point of this economic trend is February of this year.
】 Ok, thank you, and I wish Lufu’s development is getting better and better!

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