LTP tile reminder: Do not let the corrosive cleaning agent destroy the home

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to personalization and high quality in home decoration. But in this process, people are often ruined by our neglected details to ruin our high quality of life. Nowadays, the price of the house is tens of thousands. The high-grade ceramic tile is also a few hundred yuan and one square. The cost of a single tile is as small as one or two thousand and hundreds of thousands. As everyone knows, after the renovation is over, the trouble will follow.

Customer voice

Once, a customer shared their own tragic story with us: In order to save the renovation costs, Xiaoshang personally ran a few times to see the tiles in the decoration market, and satisfactorily bought the imported high-grade tiles. I worked hard at home for several days and laid the tiles on the floor of the hall. After the completion, the two took out the washing powder to clean the tiles. In some places, the cement residue could not be removed. They also followed the advice of the decorator to wash with hydrochloric acid. Washed. Not long after, the horrible thing came, the cracks in the tiles began to yellow and crack, the surface of the tiles also showed visible unevenness, and there was a little discoloration. The couple felt very angry and immediately found the seller's theory - what high-grade tiles, clearly is fake!

The seller has done a sinus. How can high-grade ceramic tiles be cleaned with ordinary washing powder? Many people use ordinary washing powder, detergents, ordinary tile detergents, etc. in daily cleaning. The basic formula of these cleaning products is acid or Alkali plus detergents and fragrances are essentially the same as our toilets. The long-term use of such acidic and alkaline products not only causes corrosion of the tiles, but also destroys the color of the tiles themselves, and causes bacteria in the tiles and bricks to cause more serious pollution. The acid and alkali and chemical flavors contained in such products will also be volatilized into the air and we will breathe into the body, seriously affecting the health of the family. This is why in the winter, especially in the north, there are so many elderly people. Children are prone to respiratory diseases. A small cleaning agent is chosen wrongly. The choice is not a healthy and elegant life, but an invisible pollution and harm.

Cleaning and protection

Professional tile cleaner must be mildly mild in formulation, will not damage the tile surface, and even form a moisturizing protective film on the tile surface, not only moisturizing and curing the tile, but also cleaning and sterilizing, purifying the air and keeping the tile good. Use features. But this is still not enough, because the best tile surface also has tiny pores, which are easy to breed bacteria and dirt during long-term use. After cleaning the tile, the tile should be professionally sealed. . This is like the fact that leather garments are to be dry-cleaned, and waxing is the same.

Do not think that sealing protection is a redundant and cumbersome task. Professional protective agent can form a protective film on the surface of the tile, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, convenient to manage the tiles in the future, not afraid of accidents - once the mouth of the couple has a corner, turn the table, grease The stains poured into the face of the tile.

Of course, daily care can't be sloppy. Don't think that with a protective agent, you can use a detergent to clean it. Acids and alkalis will destroy this layer of meticulous protective film, and the consequences are like the "horror story."

Industry authority

British LTP Company, founded in 1984 in Wellington, England, has been selling products for 30 years in Europe. The products have been approved and recommended by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). LTP's knowledge and theory of protection of brick and brick joints is also the association. The designated professional continuing training and education courses are recommended for all members to organize study and discussion. LTP has a full range of ceramic tile cleaning, sealing and care products that represent the most advanced and safest European technology and refined, elegant and perfect living philosophy.

Now, LTP authorized Foshan Daoxun Trading Co., Ltd. to be fully sold in Greater China! A new style of British quality that advocates high quality and exquisite elegance is blowing us!

XB400 CAF Jointing Sheet

Description:XB400 CAF Jointing Sheet is made by good asbestos fiber with rubber ,compression molding it in thick paper fashion.

Usage:XB400 CAF Jointing Sheet is suitable for high temperature max 400℃ and high pressure max 5.0MPa,for water and saturated vapour,super vapour,gas inert gases transmitted in the joints of facilities and pipelines.



4100×1500mm; 4500 x 1500mm;2000×1500mm;


1270×1300mm; 3810×1300mm 

Thickness:  0.5~6.0mm

Technical data:

Lateral Tensile Strength/MPa        â‰¥      15.0

Aging coefficient                   â‰¥       0.9

Loss on ignition/%                  â‰¤      28.0

Compression ratio/%                       7~17

Recovery/%                       â‰¥       45

Creep relaxation rate/%             â‰¤       50

Density(g/cm3)                           1.6~2.0


 Product photoes:

XB400 CAF Jointing Sheet

XB400 CAF Jointing Sheet

Xb400 Caf Jointing Sheet

Xb400 Caf Jointing Sheet,Jointing Sheet,steam jointing sheet,Gasket Joint Sheet