Lighting correct maintenance method next back wrong

When you were young, your home was always vulnerable to power outages. She will surely feel that this is a disaster, and mobile phones, tablets, computers, and wifi have to take a break. When I was young, I couldn't have these troubles. When I was out of power, I lit candles and then I played with my hands. Now everyone is bright and the difference between night and day is not so great. The appearance of lights not only illuminated the night world, but also illuminated people's lives. As an important part of home life, how can lamps be maintained for a long time?

Everything is necessary to lay the right installation

After the lamp is bought back, it must be installed before it can be used. The correct installation will affect the service life of the lamp. If it is not installed correctly, the luminaire can easily break, and sometimes even explode. It is very dangerous. In the home life, special attention should be paid to the installation of lighting fixtures for sanitary ware and kitchens, because the two are "complicated."

Bathroom lamps are best equipped with moisture-proof lamp shades, do not use trouble as an excuse, otherwise it will greatly shorten the life of the lamp; kitchen lamp should pay special attention to fumes, because the accumulation of grease affects the illumination of the lamp; and choose light-colored Lampshades have good light transmission, but they are easy to stick to dust. They must be diligent in wiping so as not to affect the penetration of light. In general, do not let the lighting of kitchens and toilets be placed in a location where condensation easily occurs so as to avoid bursting.

Good intentions to do bad things

If the lamp is used for a long time, it will inevitably accumulate dust and affect the light. Therefore, regular cleaning is not allowed. Therefore, during the cleaning process, do not change the structure of the lamp, and do not replace the parts of the lamp. After cleaning and maintenance, the lamp should be replaced as it is. Installed, do not miss the installation, mistakenly installed lighting components.

The general luminaire is wiped with a dry cloth and precautions are taken to prevent moisture intrusion. If the luminaire is non-metal, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust and hinder the lighting effect.

After the Yangtze River pushes the waves, the aging of the luminaires needs to be replaced.

No one can stop the pace of progress. The conversion of the moon and the moon has caused more and more problems with the “destroying” of lamps and lanterns after years. If the lamps used for a long time have red or black shadows on both ends, they must be replaced in time. The purpose is to prevent the ballast from burning and other unsafe phenomena. In general, when a lamp is purchased, the lamp bulb will be marked with an effective time. Regular replacement of the lamp bulb for aging is very helpful for overall lamp maintenance.

I’m open, my pride is infuriating.

In order to save electricity, some people will turn off the lights once they leave. First of all, this does not necessarily save energy, but it is also very easy to damage the light. Because the lamps and lanterns in the frequent start of the moment, the current through the filament is greater than the current during normal operation, making the filament temperature rise sharply to accelerate sublimation, which will greatly reduce its life, so to minimize the lighting switch.

The development of lamps and lanterns to today is no longer just as a lighting product, and its decoration is also more valued by people. Such a beautiful and "selfless dedication" lamp must be well taken care of.

Home Maintenance Lighting Fixtures

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