Laying floors in summer must pay attention!

The summer season is approaching and the rainy season will soon begin. Everyone knows that the rainy season is a lot of troublesome decoration, especially renovations. However, every owner is looking forward to staying in a new house immediately. Therefore, even in the summer, there are a lot of people decorating. What needs to be paid attention to in the summer decoration? Especially for flooring, Xiao Bian talks to you today.

First, the floor should not be stacked with other materials

Summer was originally a season of high and dry fires. There were many materials for decoration and tools, wooden floors were not placed in a cool place, and they were piled together with other materials. They were also placed on plugs and wire connections. Carelessness can cause materials to burn due to high temperatures, which can lead to fires. Therefore, do not pile up material!

Second, do pay attention to the environmental protection of the floor

In the summer, there is often a constant amount of rain and water. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture content of the floor. The moisture content of the standard sheet cannot exceed 12%. In addition, formaldehyde is an unavoidable additive in the production of wood flooring. When the humidity exceeds 45% and the temperature reaches 28°C or more, the formaldehyde in the floor will exponentially be released, so the wooden floor that can smell a strong pungent smell cannot . So, for our health, we must pay attention!

Third, do not construct the high temperature and rainy days!

We all understand the decoration mood, we want to quickly live in a new house, but in general, the decoration of the temperature should be between 5 °C ~ 35 °C, more than this temperature, then the floor is easy to light, and the temperature is too high It will affect the working conditions of workers and is not conducive to the final laying effect. It must avoid the hot weather. In addition to high temperatures, do not construct during the rainy days in order to catch up. In particular, on continuous rainy days, the humidity of the rainy days will usually reach 70% or more, which will affect the pavement effect of the floor. It may also occur from the floor in the future. Arches, tilts and other issues.

Fourth, we must consider warming the wall

The warmth and warmth of the wall in the south are relatively rare, and the north has basically every household. Although it will not be heated during the summer, it must not be forgotten. When nailing the floor nails, care should be taken to avoid warm pipes, and the warm floor near the wall should also be taken care of.

Fifth, the floor clearance can not be too big

In order to save time, some refurbishment workers do not put the floor tighter when laying the floor. This will cause the floor to shrink when the weather is dry, and the floor gap will become larger, causing the floor to loosen or deform.

Sixth, the sun can not direct the floor

In hot summer days, many people will open windows for ventilation. In this way, the floor will be exposed to direct sunlight. The strong ultraviolet rays will damage the paint on the floor surface and accelerate the cracking and aging of the floor. So this should be very careful!

Seventh, just can not step on

The floor that was just finished was neat and beautiful. The foot star couldn't wait to get up and step on his feet, and then put everything else on the floor to look like it was using space. In fact, within 48 hours after the floor has been paved, try to avoid moving and placing heavy objects on the floor. Allow enough space and time for the glue on the floor.

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