Latest children's furniture market conditions

There are more than 300 million children under the age of 16 in China, accounting for about a quarter of the country's population. The importance that our family attaches to children also affects the development of this industry. The development potential of children's furniture is very huge, and the market is not mature enough. In the next few years, children's furniture may show three major trends.

Chinese children's furniture started late, and it only began to emerge in the late 1980s. At first, only sporadic manufacturers were doing it. It was not until 1998 that it began to form a certain scale. In 2001, it formed an independent category, and it began to grow and develop around 2003. Most of the earliest children's furniture is attached to adult furniture and is not favored by furniture manufacturers. However, with the intensification of market competition and increasingly specialized, children's furniture has gradually been subdivided from adult furniture, becoming a specialized market area, and a number of professional manufacturers and brands have emerged, such as more love, Danny House, Mood for Love, Ximengbao, Love Castle, Coronation, Colorful Life, etc. At present, there are more than 200 professional children's furniture enterprises in China, which occupy a certain share in the entire furniture market.


The competition in the furniture market is quite fierce. There are too many types of furniture industry, such as living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, etc. Children's furniture is just a rising star in the furniture market, but its Vitality and competitiveness are also quite strong.

With the improvement of people's living conditions, more and more children have their own independent rooms. Many parents have invested a lot of enthusiasm and financial resources in the layout of children's rooms. They have equipped their children with furniture that is full of children's interest or can grow together. It creates a good environment for growth, thus making children's furniture quickly blush. Judging from the development of the furniture market in recent years, children's furniture is one of the fastest growing categories in the furniture industry. More and more companies have incorporated children's furniture into strategic planning.

After years of development, children's furniture has changed from a simple "small" furniture to a more professional field. The types are becoming more and more diversified, and the design is becoming more and more humanized. Consumers have also begun to pay attention to environmental protection, design, and brand awareness from the simple focus on prices.

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous upgrading of people's thinking, the expectations of parents looking for Jackie Chan and Wang Nongcheng have risen sharply, and children's furniture presents a broad market prospect. Children's furniture brands have also emerged one after another, and the market is in turbulent battles. The overall development of children's furniture in the past five years is on the rise. A few years ago, only a few of the 100 companies were working on children's furniture. Today, at least 10 of the 100 companies are producing children's furniture because many companies have seen business opportunities and saw the development of children's furniture. The potential has joined the industry that is moving from primary to intermediate level. There are more than 300 million children under the age of 16 in China, accounting for about a quarter of the country's population. The importance attached to children in China also affects the development of this industry.

exhibition. It can be said that the development potential of children's furniture is very huge, and the market is still not mature enough.

In the next few years, children's furniture may present the following three major trends:

1. The trend of children's furniture

No matter what kind of furniture, as long as it keeps up with the trend of the times, it is popular, and children's pursuit of fashion is also in line with the trend of social development. At present, adult people's fashion items are dazzling, children also want to have their own E fashion, children's fashion items are gradually promoted, loved by children.

Children's furniture is also developing towards fashion, creating a fashion space for children, providing a new concept for the industry and promoting the rapid development of children's furniture. Therefore, furniture that keeps up with the trend of the times will seize the opportunity in the market.

2. Parents of children's furniture that develop intelligence attach great importance to the cultivation of children's intelligence, and are willing to spend time and money in this regard. Moreover, parents are increasingly demanding children, and they are also extremely concerned about their mental development. They try to train their children into useful talents. Through the puzzle children's furniture, the child's thinking, imagination and hands-on ability are exercised in the subconscious, thus improving the child's sense of innovation. In this respect, Fleiss is still in place. Fleiss children's furniture allows children to have fun in a limited space, and based on the characteristics that Fleiss children's furniture can be assembled at will, it can cultivate children's innovative consciousness and hands-on. ability. After the duality of practicality and intellectual development, the family will win a good market prospect.

3. Natural innocent children's furniture

This is a natural existence, a green form. The child's true nature is a portrayal of innocence, individuality, and freedom. But for a long time, the child has gradually lost the truth. At the same time the child lost the truth, the parents also lost a love for the child. As China's rapid development and progress, the real appeal will be higher and higher. The "Benzhen" children's furniture of the Love Castle has created a natural furniture for the children, allowing the children to grow up healthily under the objective laws of nature.

It can be seen that the development of children's furniture is not only a direction, but also has great market potential and business opportunities in every direction, children's furniture will become the star in the entire furniture market!

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