Kitchen glass partition purchase and installation considerations

The kitchens in Chinese families are not closed kitchens, so fumes can easily enter indoors when cooking. The smart designer of course thought of adding a partition between the kitchen and the dining room. A lot of materials can be used in the kitchen partition. In fact, there is a glass partition in the kitchen . The main glass is the main material. The partition of the kitchen is in the end. It is difficult to have doubts in the minds of many people, and there is nothing to be aware of in the installation process. So today, a brief introduction to the kitchen glass partition is needed to help everyone further understand the kitchen glass partition.

Kitchen glass partition material introduction

Very modern, stylish, beautiful, generous, with layers. It is a very popular decoration method.

Kitchen glass partition - safety glass

It does not pose a personal threat and is a complete safety glass.

Kitchen glass partition - art glass

Fantasy colors, extraordinary artistic effects. The color tone should be consistent with the overall decorative style of the room.

Kitchen glass partition - tempered glass partition

The effect of luxuriant and luxurious, high strength, excellent safety performance, is unmatched by other products.


Kitchen glass partition design

Cut off the fumes and increase the lighting of the kitchen. The small area looks wider.

Buy kitchen glass partition notice what

Select brand products, high credibility, bring convenience, quality, after-sales service double protection.


Kitchen glass partition decoration process notes

1, the combination of space modeling, layout, design can be officially installed;

2, pay attention to the design of the height and the actual situation;

3, the choice of color, shape and style of decoration remain consistent;

4, the frame material is stainless steel, wood and other options;

5, slide rails, hanging rails and other options, try to choose a good one.

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Kitchen glass partition

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