Is "GPS" positioning and "GPS" the same concept?

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For "GPS positioning" and "GPS navigation", the concept of them is very vague, some people think that they are one thing, others say that "GPS positioning" and "GPS navigation" are completely different concepts. So what is the relationship between them? Today we will come to uncover the mystery for everyone.
Is "GPS" positioning and "GPS" the same concept?
GPS (Global Positioning System), the global satellite positioning system, developed from 1973 to 36 years in 2009, the practical significance has long exceeded the definition of the beginning of the design. Nowadays, GPS not only provides navigation and positioning for mobile targets, but also derives many new functions; it is an organic connection system between human brain, computer and mobile target.
For example, in the remote control of the off-fuel and power-off treatment of the moving vehicle, the GPS system completely surpasses the original definition of navigation and positioning, and derives the new function of remote control. Similarly, the user answering function that is common in the taxi industry is actually an interactive scheduling function. In the management of the logistics fleet, in addition to the above two, the Xianmu GPS positioning monitoring and dispatching system and the oil quantity monitoring system developed by China Shanghai Si Zeng Industry and Trade Development Co., Ltd. are the first to use the GPS platform to achieve the right. A classic case of statistical monitoring of vehicle accessories.
At present, most of the functions of people's lives are not limited to GPS navigation. However, in the past two years, with the gradual strengthening of China's domestic enterprise management awareness, the use of GPS platform to achieve effective management of management objectives has become more and more mainstream. Many local governments strongly demand that local passenger transport, logistics and other industries must install GPS positioning systems to build a good social environment such as public safety and other social goals. For the group of companies that ultimately use the GPS positioning system, the direct benefits of building a GPS positioning system are: orderly management, lower operating costs, and improved work efficiency.
Therefore, GPS positioning is widely defined as: a systematic project between a contact brain, a computer, and a controlled target. The system's functions include: human-computer interaction, control coordination, dispatching command, and statistical monitoring. It is a management system that greatly develops the functions of controlled targets.
"GPS navigation" means that the GPS system will plan a route for you according to the destination you need to reach. Generally speaking, it is the way for you. This is the main function of most navigation products. The GPS Positioning feature is also used here. The GPS system needs to know where you are in real time and reflect it on the map to guide you to your destination.
Therefore, "GPS positioning" or "GPS navigation", these two concepts are both connected and different. They all use the satellites of heaven to achieve some kind of purpose, but the groups they face are different. The GPS positioning is mainly faced by the demand group of the nature of the company group. What is to be achieved is the monitoring and scheduling of mobile targets. GPS navigation is faced with consumer groups, and the main thing to achieve is to help people find their destination.
GPS navigation requires a terminal, which can be a navigator, a GPS mobile phone, a GPS integrated machine, a PDA+ module, a notebook+module, and the like. These terminals can be navigated after downloading the map software, and the use is free. GPS positioning, on the basis of the navigation terminal, adding a positioning communication module, a microcomputer, programming, etc., realizes a GPS positioning communication function, the cost is twice that of the navigation terminal, and the terminal position can be transmitted to a designated terminal, such as an operation center. It is generally required to pay an annual service fee when using it. The mobile phone is mostly used for GPS navigation terminals, and there is no need to pay any fees. Even if the mobile phone card is not used, the navigation function is still used.

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