Integrated ceiling Meiling integrated ceiling how

The integrated ceiling refers to the combination of metal square plates and electrical appliances, divided into heating modules, lighting modules, and ventilation modules. With the simple installation, flexible layout, easy maintenance, become the mainstream of the bathroom, kitchen ceiling. In order to change the monotony of the monotonous color of the ceiling, integrated art ceilings are becoming a new trend in the market. There are more and more brands of ceilings on the market. The following Xiaobian speaks about the Meiling integrated ceiling. How about Meiling integrated ceiling? how's the price?

Meiling integrated ceiling how

Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd. is one of the most important electrical appliance manufacturers in China. It owns three refrigerators (cabinets) manufacturing bases in Hefei, Mianyang, and Jingdezhen, as well as several product lines such as refrigerators and freezers. The company's leading product, Meiling Refrigerator, is the first batch of Chinese brand-name products, and the country's export-free inspection products. The “Meiling” trademark was rated as a well-known trademark in China, and the Meiling brand was listed as the most valuable brand in China. Meiling refrigerators (cabinet) are favored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance for their advantages of good quality, sound network, reliable performance, and excellent service. They have become the designated brand for the “Home Appliances to the Countryside” project for six consecutive times.


In the past 29 years, Meiling has always adhered to "independent innovation and creation in China" and has been unremittingly focused on the refrigeration industry. It has carefully built its core competitiveness with technological innovation and product innovation. Meiling established the first RoHS public inspection center in Anhui Province, a state-level enterprise technology center, and a cutting-edge research and development team to make Meiling continuously achieve breakthrough results in many fields such as energy-saving, frost-free, cryogenic, and intelligent, and successively developed hundreds of models. Different types of refrigerator products meet different levels of consumer demand, and the quality level continues to rise. Including many high-end refrigerators Athena series, -192 °C coldest refrigerator in the world, the daily energy consumption of only 0.23 degrees top-level energy-saving refrigerators and many other products leading the trend of the industry.


Meiling integrated ceiling price

Meiling integrated ceiling dedicated lighting 22w

Reference price: 88.00 yuan

Oriental Meiling integrated ceiling single lighting small fluorescent (square) 300G-2

Reference price: 60.00 yuan

Oriental Meiling integrated ceiling double lamp length lighting 600G-4

Reference price: 118.00 yuan

Oriental Meiling integrated ceiling roller coating system pearl pink 0.8mm

Reference price: 5.50/piece

Meiling integrated ceiling double lighter with ventilation belt lighting DS800-16

Reference price: 390.00 yuan

Meiling integrated ceiling acrylic lamp 30L-2

Reference price: 78.00 yuan

Meiling integrated ceiling carbon fiber star 5

Reference price: 468 yuan

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