How to use the principle of mobile dry powder fire extinguishing device

Mobile Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Model: YGF500

Fire fighting type:

A, B, C fires.

Class A fires - wood, cotton, hemp and other fiber materials and derivatives. Silk, wool and other protein-containing materials, synthetic fibers, plastics, rubber, and other solid elemental compounds.

Class B fires - petroleum and petroleum products. Such as raw materials, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, benzene, naphthalene and other alkanes containing organic liquids.

Class C fires - gas, natural gas, ethane, propane, butane, propylene oxide, ethylene, propylene, acetylene, hydrogen, etc.

Use place:

Oilfields, oil depots, hangars, terminals, enterprises, large warehouse airports and civilian airports.

It is particularly suitable for petrochemical enterprises, maintenance of liquefied gas pipelines and fixed targets for fire hazards.

Shape parameters

Length × width × height

2390×1670×2230 (mm)

Full load quality


Trailer speed


Adapt to traction models

Tractor or light off-road vehicle

Fourth, the performance characteristics of parameters:

Dry powder filling capacity


Dry powder tank working pressure


Dry powder gun effective injection intensity


Dry powder gun effective injection intensity


Dry powder gun range


Dry powder gun range


Dry powder injection remaining rate


High-pressure nitrogen cylinder volume


High pressure nitrogen cylinders


High pressure nitrogen cylinder working pressure


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