How to properly decorate the dessert store? Specific dessert shop renovation process

As a service place, the dessert shop wants to give consumers a more comfortable consumption environment. In the decoration of the dessert shop, it is necessary to be close to the consumption habits of local consumers, so as to achieve a comfortable and comfortable consumption. For those shopkeepers who are decorating the first dessert shop, they need to master some decoration processes, so how to properly decorate the dessert shop? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the specific dessert shop decoration process , I hope everyone can help after reading.

How to properly decorate the dessert store?


Dessert shop decoration process 1, first determine the venue that needs the dessert shop decoration design, understand the basic situation of the field, and be aware of it. After that, you need to take action step by step, find a company in the decoration industry or a friend in the industry, and make a preliminary budget for the dessert shop. After the initial understanding, the situation will be taken to the company, and the relevant person in charge will conduct an internal review and determine the appropriate decoration company. After the drawings are completed, they must be submitted to the property side for review, and then reported to the Health Bureau for review. After completing these reviews, the formal design and renovation budget will begin. At the same time, the procedures for the decoration design of the store and the fire approval procedures are handled.

Dessert shop decoration process 2. After all the preliminary work is completed, the construction team will be brought into the venue. The entities that are not frequently moved, such as the sales cabinets and the goods handling desks in the dessert shop, can be made by the woodworkers according to their own needs. Hydropower can be equipped with switches, faucets and Other Accessories in the place where it is needed according to the actual situation and the requirements of modern design, in order to facilitate future business needs. During this process, the company's internal personnel need to conduct concealed acceptance to ensure that the installation of the inner and outer houses can reach the ideal state during the decoration process. After the completion of the physical store decoration design, the main materials required in the dessert shop need to be uniformly and effectively purchased. Purchasing items can be determined according to the consumption level of the consumer in the dessert shop. In order to expand the actual situation of the audience and the size of the store, you can choose a table and chairs suitable for multiple people and two people to meet the needs of different consumers.


Dessert shop decoration process 3, after everything is completed, it is the completion of the dessert shop decoration completion, after all the requirements and then carry out some office equipment debugging, in order to start the application normally. Finally, you need to sign the warranty service terms with the decoration company and other supplies.

Dessert shop decoration process 4, because the decoration of the dessert shop involves public health and fire safety, the design plan is not only to meet your own needs, but also to meet the management requirements of the property and government departments, because it involves a wide range of issues. , so it takes more time, so you need to consider the time before the renovation.

Dessert shop decoration process 5, and finally mention the application for catering business license. At the same time, the dessert shop needs to apply for the catering business license, which saves precious time on the one hand. On the other hand, if there is a problem in the application process, it can be rectified in time during the decoration process.

The above is how Xiaobian brings you how to properly decorate the dessert shop? For the entire dessert shop decoration process, I believe that after reading this article, you will have a basic understanding of the dessert shop decoration process. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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