How to maintain the washing car driving style?

Scrubbing car manufacturers to wash the car, also known as washing machine, the main common types are hand-push type washing machine, automatic washing machine, driving type washing car and other types, including driving wash car more It is favored by many factory workshops, warehouses, and parking lots. So since we have chosen to use a driving type of washing car, we should have a good understanding and love of this machine. The following Xiaomei He talks about the driving of scour cars. How to maintain?

How to maintain the car driving style of small common sense Tips (1): Filter cleaning driving type washing car, can be washed, reducing the subsequent replacement costs.
Little common sense (2): Side brush of the driving type scrubber, the main brush will curl after a long time, and with 80 degrees of boiling water, the PET bristles will spring back automatically.
Little common sense (3): The dust box of a driving type scrubber needs 3 to 5 days to manually dump the garbage.
Little common sense (4): Driving scrubbers need to check the vacuum module, check the freedom of movement of the cable and the moving parts, check the vacuum system, check whether the side brush is damaged and flat, if it is damaged, it should be promptly replaced and adjusted. Check if the filter is in good condition and lubricate the bearing lubrication points on the machine.

Above about how to maintain the car driving style of small common sense, if there are friends who do not understand the washing car, we are always happy to wash the car manufacturers are welcome to call our national free consultation call 24 hours, our United States will be very Carefully and attentively to answer your doubts about driving scrubbers.

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