How to maintain and use the Stormer viscometer?

How to maintain and use the Stormer viscometer?
1. Take the Stormer viscometer out of the box and place it on the workbench;
2. Remove the stirring blade from the package, insert it into the sleeve of the shaft, and fix it with the top screw. Note that the top screw should be placed on the flat mouth of the stirring blade;
3. Plug in the power plug, turn on the power switch at the back, the system starts self-test, the system enters the standby state after the self-test is completed, and the display shows “--”;
4. Put the sample to be tested into the container of the Stormer viscometer, the liquid level is about 10mm from the mouth of the container;
5. Place the container of the sample to be tested on the container holder and select the unit of measurement ("ku" indicates the ku value of the sample to be tested, and "gm" indicates the load value). Pressing the lifting handle, immersing the stirring blade into the sample to be tested, the marking line on the stirring blade shaft is flush with the liquid level, and the Stormer viscometer automatically starts running;
6. After a few seconds, the display will show the viscosity value of the sample to be tested, and the reading can be made at this time. (The sample to be tested must be stirred for a few seconds to achieve dynamic balance. The data displayed at this time can be considered accurate. The instrument displays “--” before the data is displayed.
7. After measuring the knot roughness gauge beam, lift the lift handle to the high position and have a limit device near the highest position to keep the instrument in this position. The instrument stops rotating and re-enters the standby state;
8. The instrument has built-in intelligent display stabilization program, which makes the measurement readings stable every time, which is convenient for the operator to read. To measure different units of measurement, no downtime is required, just switch the selector switch to the desired unit of measurement position;
9. The instrument panel has a hold switch. During the measurement, the switch will be kept open (downward) to lock the data of the sample to be tested, and different units of measurement can be selected for the conversion of the disperser for recording. The instrument has a memory retention function. When the hold switch is turned off (up), and the previous measurement reading is retrieved, the hold switch can be retrieved. To re-measure, the hold switch needs to be turned off.

Stormer Viscometer Notes:
1. The Stormer viscometer has precision measuring parts inside the case, which should be handled gently when handling;
2. This instrument is a special instrument, please do not open the instrument casing by yourself, so as not to affect the accuracy of instrument measurement;
3. When the Stormer viscometer is temporarily not in use, the instrument lifting handle should be kept at the high position limit device, and should not be in a lower position, otherwise the phenomenon of ineligible lifting may occur;
4. Every year, the company should regularly check the bar applicator once, or send it to the relevant metrological supervision department for testing.

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