How to decorate the house allows you to fully understand the home improvement process

Office workers have become one of the many homebuyers who are usually busy with work and do not have much contact with the decoration. After submitting a house , they were often overwhelmed and how to decorate the house became the most troublesome problem. Today we will use the following content to see how to decorate the house !

How to decorate the house

1. The renovation of a house must first be submitted to the property office for record filing and a deposit. The first phase of the construction starts is the demolition of the main body, which includes the demolition of masonry walls and the replacement of plastic steel windows. However, the walls cannot be knocked out at will, especially the load-bearing walls, and the holes cannot be bored. This can easily cause unbalanced stress on the walls and cause potential safety hazards. At the time, there will usually be situations where the main body needs to be demolished. When entering the construction phase, the demolition of the main body can be said to be a front-of-the-line project. This includes the demolition of the wall, the construction of walls, the removal of heat, the replacement of plastic windows, and so on.

2. After the main body is removed and changed, the first measurement of the cabinet needs to be performed to determine the approximate location. Then there is the hydropower reform project, try to take the water pipe to walk the wall, and also need to pay attention to the determination of the various water and electricity locations in the kitchen and bathroom space. It should be arranged horizontally and vertically. If the construction is not good, it will be inconvenient to use in the future.

3. After the hydropower is reformed, then the masonry and painter are allowed to enter the site. The kitchen and toilet space should be treated with water-repellent treatment. Leveling the floor, paving tiles, and floor drains are also installed at this stage. Then the custom wardrobe and the installation of the ceiling are completed. After the end of these processes, the paint is to be polished, brushed and puttyed three times, and then the construction of the bottom and the two sides.

4. After the above stage is completed, the installation of kitchen and bathroom ceilings is required. Most of the products are integrated ceiling products and can be directly operated according to the instructions. Followed by some of the later installation process, the wooden doors and switches and other building materials installed in the appropriate location, soft installation, home improvement on the general construction well.

Renovation house matters needing attention

1. Before decorating the house, you can estimate the approximate cost in advance and be aware of it. It is also necessary to determine the design style used, which shows a taste, but also combined with their own preferences. The more preparations before the renovation, the more peace of mind during the construction process.

2. Renovation of the house should be practical and simple, good performance, make people feel comfortable, while decoration materials selection, selection of high environmental coefficient products, to create a healthy green life. In design, it should be integrated with the user's living habits to improve the quality of decoration.

On how to decorate the house , Xiao Bian introduced it here for the time being, hoping to help you. If you want to learn more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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