How to correctly operate a wet magnetic cylinder magnetic separator

The use of wet magnetic cylinder magnetic separator in the use of attention and causes of failure, as the magnetic separator equipment fixed-point production enterprises, Dingda Machinery Factory made the following summary, hoping to help users in the use of magnetic separator more reasonable security The operation ensures production.
a) Before use, the gearbox should be filled with the proper amount of gear oil (3 kg for the 250 and 4-5 kg ​​for the 350) and all bearings are lubricated. 0371-64371498

b) Adjust the declination of the magnetic system during use: that is, pull the magnetic system adjustment device (screw) to adjust the high edge of the magnetic system edge to 10-20 mm above the horizontal line of the tank discharge port. 0371-64371498

c) Before starting the machine, check the power circuit, transmission, lubrication system, equipment, etc., and confirm that it is normal. First turn on the water pipes of the Dingda equipment department, and then feed the mine. When the machine stops, stop the mine and then gradually close the water gate. 0371-64371498

d) The concentration of ore concentration determines the ore slurry flow rate of a certain ore, affecting the sorting time of granularity. High concentration, slow flow velocity, high resistance, easy inclusion of gangue in concentrate, and reduction of concentrate grade, but due to long time of beneficiation, favorable recovery rate; conversely, if the concentration of low ore is low, concentrate grade may be higher, and tailings Grades will also increase, reducing recovery. The reasonable feed concentration is 25-35%. 0371-64371498

f) Dingda Machinery Factory recommends rational adjustment of the flushing water for the ore-bearing and concentrate-contained water. The flushing water is too large and the slurry flow rate is too fast, which will increase the tailings grade. On the other hand, if the dispersion is too small, the ore pellets will not be loose enough to affect the sorting effect, so that the tailings grade will increase and the concentrate grade will decrease. Concentrate flushing water is mainly used to remove the concentrate from the skin. The size of the flushing water should ensure that the concentrate can be discharged. 0371-64371498

g) Dingda Machinery The permanent magnets used in this machine's magnetic system are easily demagnetized under high temperature and acidic conditions.

h) In the process of maintenance and use by the user, Dingda Machinery Factory shall strictly control technical indicators and work gaps so as not to affect the sorting effect.

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