How to adjust the brightness of the computer screen and how to adjust the notebook

How to adjust the brightness of the computer screen ? In fact, it is very simple, you can use the computer's operating system software, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts (for laptops). As the current desktop computer is generally used when the LCD display, the monitor itself has several adjustment buttons, adjustment is also very simple, do not understand the friends can try it yourself, very simple, confused, you can see the display instructions, the following Details below:

Desktop computer computer screen brightness how to adjust?

Currently used desktop computers are all using liquid crystal displays, in the bottom of the display there are generally several adjustment buttons, we can take a closer look, there is a main menu button, access to find the brightness adjustment options, adjust the brightness, very simple answer.

Now we introduce the general method of computer screen brightness adjustment. Here we take the operation of windwows 7 as an example.

Method one: In the Windows 7 operating system actually enter the computer to set the computer screen brightness option is also very easy, from the beginning - Control Panel, click System and Security, click on the power option, drag the scroll bar to adjust the screen brightness can, of course, there is faster To obtain a method, press and hold the Win+X key combination at the same time to quickly enter the monitor screen brightness adjustment selection panel.

Method two: The computer screen brightness adjustment is actually very simple, the computer screen brightness adjustment we can adjust according to their own needs to your favorite brightness, and Lu master software also has energy-saving settings, there are also display brightness adjustment options.

How to adjust the brightness of the laptop screen?

If your computer is a laptop, you can usually adjust it through the keyboard combination of the notebook keyboard. First you have to look at the fn key on the keyboard and the two brightness signs (the sign is like a sun, turn up and down). The position is fine. Both of the general hand-held signs are designed on F1-F12. You can find it by looking carefully. Then press and hold the key. If you want to adjust it brighter, press the upward sign again. If you want to dim, just hold down the fn key and click the down sign.

About the screen brightness how to adjust the relevant information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article helps everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Ice Maker
Ice maker is a refrigerating mechanical device that generates ice by cooling water by an evaporator through a refrigerant in a refrigeration system. A refrigeration system is used to manufacture ice by using a water carrier and passing a certain device under a power-on state. According to the principle of the evaporator and the production method, the shape of the generated ice cubes is also different; people generally use an ice shape to divide the ice maker into a granular ice maker and a flake ice maker.

We have three series of ice maker: Snowflake, Block, Flake.

Snowflake: IMS series automatic flake ice makers are the entire computer-controlled high-tech products. There are 9 specifications 17 types of flake ice makers such as IMS-25.IMS-40.IMS-50.IMS-70.IMS-85.IMS-100.IMS-120.IMS-150.IMS-200,etc. This series of products have entered the rank of the leading domestic level. In structure, stainless steel is adopted as enclosures, boasting elegant appearance. They have characteristics of continuous ice-making, fast ice-making speed and large ice-making capacity etc. They are widely used in hospitals, schools, laboratories, research institutes, food preservation in supermarkets, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical and food processing industries, etc. This series automatic flake ice makers have adopted Italian Oute Shi Haitec two-stage reducer and Korean GGM motor, featuring low noise, stable and reliable operation. They have adopted the ice-making and ice-breaking structure with the line of chip ice-making chamber separated from the evaporator, resulting in high ice-making efficiency and large ice-making capacity. They are fully computer controlled with functions of shutdown protection in case of full of ice and water deficiency, etc.


1)Luxurious appearance and compact design.

2)Fully automatic control, convenient for use.
3)Side air inlet and side air outlet; mixing type ice making; highly transparent ice.
4)Detection and protection in case of overload, water shortage and full ice level.
5)Highly efficient freon-free compressor, economical and energy-saving.
6) Widely applied to pubs, ice bars, hamburger shops, cold drinks shops, fast food restaurants, bake-ries and cafes.

Flake: Material: Inner and outer cylinders are made of alloy steel. Cast aluminum is available for top/bottom closures of 12T and below, alloy steel is available for top/bottom closures of 15T and above. The rotor is made of alloy steel and the ice removal blade is made of spiral stainless steel. Stainless steel also could be adopted for top/bottom closures and rotor as requested by customers. The bearing is famous global brand.
Configuration: Rotor, ice removal blade, water receiving pan, water circulation are standard components. Speed reducer, metering pump, electric controlling system are optional components.
Specifications: 0.5T~60T.

Applications: Cooling fresh foods/ sea food/ vegetable/ fruits/ poultry, concrete cooling, chemical cooling, AC cooling, etc.

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