How much rough house blank decoration rough room decoration considerations

Now when we buy a new house, we mainly use rough houses, which are houses that only have windows and doors installed, and others are surrounded by concrete walls. Such houses usually need to be renovated before they can be accommodated. Many people nowadays have to buy a house and have limited capital for renovation. Therefore, many people choose simple installations. Then, how much does the rough room have to be installed? What should be paid attention to in the rough room renovation? The following article will introduce it to you.

How much is the rough room

1. Wall decoration

Because the rough room is the earliest cement wall, it should be coated with white latex paint. At the same time, part of the space needs to function as a ceiling to cover the cantilever beam, so that it is more beautiful. This part may take several thousand dollars.

2, the decoration of the ground

Before the ground decoration, we must first ensure that the ground is flat, in order to lay the floor tiles, and to make a waterproof layer. Although the waterproof layer will cost a little money, it can reduce a lot of troubles that may arise in the future. The tiles in the floor decoration are indispensable, and tiles can be selected according to their own actual conditions. Usually, it takes a few thousand yuan.

3, doors and windows decoration

The original doors and windows of the rough room may not be very good, some need to be replaced, usually simple decoration, the door can be used to paint the door, free paint door is probably 600 yuan / fan. If there is no problem with the window, there is no need to replace it.

4, kitchen decoration

Kitchen and bathroom decoration is more expensive, kitchen and bathroom decoration is mainly waterproof, tiling, ceiling three aspects. In the case of tiling, 15 yuan per square meter is more appropriate, and the total is about 1,800 yuan. Ceiling ceiling 40 yuan per square meter, the total about 600 yuan.

How much is the rough room installed? If it is renovated according to the above scheme, the house decoration price for a 100-square-meter house is about 30,000 yuan. If you add furniture or other decoration and labor costs, a rough room can cost about 5W yuan.

Blank House Decoration Precautions

1, in the acceptance of the house to detect whether each room has electricity, rough room every room has a simple light bulb we need to check whether they are normal. The outlets in each room can't be forgotten either. We can buy electric pens on the market to check if the outlets have electricity.

2, in the rough room in the bathroom, kitchen are good water lines, but basically no faucet. We can raise a bucket of water and pour it into the pipeline separately to see if there is a blockage. If the water sound is sloppy, the surface is smooth.

The article concludes: The above is about the rough house how much money and rough housing decoration notes related to the introduction, I hope to give you some help in the rough room, if there are other needs, please pay attention to Qi family information.

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