How much is the thickness of the tile? The right tile to buy errors: The thickness of the tile is not as thick as possible

A ceramic tile is a kind of building or decorative material that is made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides through the process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering to form an acid-base resistant porcelain or stone. Always called tiles. Its raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand, etc. With the improvement of living conditions in the home, ceramic tiles have gradually become the mainstream products for consumption, and the size of the ceramic tile is getting bigger and bigger. The large thickness of the tiles can reduce seams and improve the overall visual effect, but the thickness of the tiles is not as thick as possible, which may easily result in waste of tiles. So, in order to save money on decoration, how to save tile usage? How thick is the thickness of the tiles ? Let us learn about it together below.

How to save tile usage to reduce decoration costs

Saving tile usage method 1. According to the actual area of ​​the room, find the designer to draw a row of bricks, to minimize the cutting of the tile; then calculate the use of tiles according to the row of tiles, while increasing the normal construction loss;

Method of saving the use of ceramic tiles 2. Select the species that do not require high spell color and matching patterns so that the trimmed half or edge can be used elsewhere;

Method for saving the usage of ceramic tile 3. Adjust the design of the plane and the facade to avoid the need to cut the pipe and the small corner, which must be cut and easily damaged and waste the amount of tiles.


Method of saving tile usage 4. Clever use of waist line, vertical decoration line, tile mosaic color, floor circle line, bathroom wall mirror size and other aspects of design, in the effective enrichment of the decoration effect at the same time, to avoid or reduce the tiles want to cut;

The method of saving the amount of ceramic tiles 5. Follow the principle of home-made small pieces of bricks, large blocks of bricks, combined with the design effect, a reasonable selection of small size tiles; general small bathroom wall tiles should not exceed 25cm in length, the living room floor tiles The length of the side should not exceed 60cm;

The method of saving the amount of ceramic tile 6. Select good quality ceramic tile and high skilled workers, reduce unnecessary loss when constructing and cutting; although the unit price is slightly higher, but the overall calculation is saved;

In addition, many owners choose to use tile tiles in order to make the living room walls colorful and meet the beauty and easy to clean. Xiao Bian reminded that the embellishment of a few pieces of innovative and temperamental tiles on the wall often results in the finishing touch, but it would be unwise to use too many flowers because of the simple background and bright wall pattern. Bricks look beautiful on their own, but if they are applied to the entire wall, they will be counterproductive and dazzling. Moreover, the prices of flower tiles are several times more expensive than ordinary tiles, and even dozens of them are used excessively. Will substantially increase the renovation costs.


How much is the thickness of the tile

The size of the tiles should be chosen according to different functional space, and the appropriate size and tile type should be selected. The size should not be too large or too small.

1. General bathroom tile size specifications are mainly used: 300 × 400mm, 300 × 300mm, 250 × 330mm. Wall tiles are generally 200*300, 250*330, 300*450, 300*600; if the bathroom is relatively small, 200*300 or 250*330 tiles are generally used, but 200*300 specifications are rarely used nowadays. Larger areas can use 300 * 450 specifications or 300 * 600 specifications; if the area is relatively large, using 300 * 600 specifications, looks upscale;

2. According to the size of the space to choose the appropriate size of the tile, the general area of ​​the smaller space, try to use smaller tiles, such as: living area of ​​30 square meters or less, can be considered with 600 * 600; if the 30-40 level, Available 600 * 600, or 800 * 800; if more than 40 level, 800 * 800 can be considered;

3. Considering the amount and size of tiles based on the space occupied by the furniture in the space, there are many places where the furniture is blocked in the space, and if the visual area of ​​the person is small, small tiles can be considered.

4. As far as the effect is concerned, if the tiles can be tiled in all the best, try not to cut tiles or cut tiles to reduce waste; the larger the size of the tiles, the greater the waste.

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