Glass factory dmc-96 pulse bag filter to improve efficiency is timely inspection and cleaning

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The efficiency of the bag filter mainly depends on the thickness of the dust layer on the filter bag. After the dust layer is formed, it becomes the main filter layer, and the filter bag just plays the role of forming a dust layer and supporting its skeleton. As the dust accumulates on the filter bag, the thickness of the dust layer increases, and the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter bag increases, and some fine dust attached to the filter material will be squeezed in the past, so that the dust removal efficiency is reduced. Therefore, after the pressure difference between the two sides of the bag filter reaches a certain value, pulse cleaning should be performed in time. Do not overdo it when cleaning, otherwise it will damage the permanent dust layer, causing a significant reduction in dust removal efficiency.
High-pressure pulse diagram In general, the filter material is dense, the dust layer is thick, and the dust removal efficiency is high, but the relative processing gas capacity is reduced, that is, the filtration wind speed is low. The filter wind speed is an important factor affecting the dust removal efficiency and is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of the dust collector. When the control filtration speed is too high, due to the decrease of the filtration efficiency, the dust outlet concentration after dust removal will increase sharply, especially the impact on fine dust filtration will be more obvious.
New filter bags or filter bags that are off-line and have been cleaned must be pre-sprayed before they are put into use. That is, a layer of lime powder is pre-coated on the surface of the filter material, otherwise the dust removal efficiency will be reduced.
The filter material is the main component of the bag filter. The performance of the filter depends largely on the performance of the filter material. Therefore, the maintenance of the filter material is very important. For the synthetic fiber filter, it is required to reduce the air leakage of each wind flue during operation, reduce the combustion oxygen content of the boiler as much as possible, compensate for the weak points of poor oxidation resistance, and extend the life of the bag. Also need to pay attention to control the bag inlet temperature, can not be too high, the general operating temperature of each increase of 10 °C, the chemical chemical erosion of sensitive chemical fiber doubled; operating temperature can not be too low, otherwise it will enhance the hydrolysis of the bag damage, In severe cases, it can easily cause plugging of bags. During operation, we strictly controlled the bag inlet operating temperature at 80 °C to 120 °C according to the moisture content of the flue gas, effectively extending the life of the bag.
In the daily use process of the bag filter, special personnel are required to inspect and clean the dust to ensure the normal operation and use of the dust collector. Before use, check whether the working environment voltage is normal, whether the indicator is working properly, keep the power supply grounded, close the locks everywhere, and check whether the dust bag is damaged.
Dry-type dust collectors should not absorb moisture or deliquescent media, and can not absorb media with fire. Vacuum cleaners should not be used for bending, and there must be no damage such as knife wounds, hot-irons, etc. Dust collection in drawers should be timely. Clean up, when shutting down, be sure to shut down to prevent secondary pollution caused by unsafe accidents and dust; if the filter bag is worn after long-term use, replace the dust bag in time to reduce unnecessary losses; severe impact will cause certain parts Deformation may result in loose seals, which may affect the suction and dust removal effects. Therefore, they should be avoided as much as possible. Special dust-absorbing dust collectors should be inspected frequently to prevent leaks and unsafe accidents.
The bag filter is generally a fixed device. Ordinary single dust remover should be placed indoors. The exhaust pipe can be changed to the outside. If it must be installed outside, a protective cover or electrical control can be used to separate it from the machine. Dust removal units are generally placed outdoors, paying attention to the impact on the surrounding environment and safety protection.

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