Fuyuan furniture tutor teaches you how to choose solid wood screen

In ancient times, before the marriage of men and women, according to the folk custom, it was not seen before; but there is also a well-known agreement among the people, that is, when the boys come to the women’s house, the mushroom girl can be behind the screen, secretly, Obscure the boys. In the modern screen, it has lost its role of "sneak peek", but the friends who like the screen can still buy and decorate the home, which is more ancient in our home. Below, Fuyuan Furniture teaches you how to choose a solid wood screen .


1. Determine whether the “solid wood screen” is really made of solid wood, or indicate where it is solid wood and where it is natural. Look at the mystery of solid wood: wood grain and knots.
2, select the solid wood screen to see if the wood can be boring, white, the texture is strict, delicate.


3, select the solid wood screen to see the strength of the board. The surface of the board can be pressed with a finger to feel the fastness of the board. If the skeleton is sparse, the appearance of the panel will feel empty and the panel will tremble. When the panel is covered with thin wood and other materials, the color of the product should be similar, and the outer paint film of the product is not allowed to wrinkle, stick and leak paint.

4, select the solid wood screen to see the edge of the solid wood screen, the top, the back and the back of the interface is inlaid joint, tongue and groove joint, or double dowel joint.


Source: Fuyuan Furniture

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