Furniture merchants do not invoice have been defaulted? Consumers are difficult to defend after the event

It is not uncommon for merchants to evade taxes without invoicing. However, the collective does not invoice, or even does not invoice by default. What can this phenomenon explain? It seems that this is already a crisis of many consumers' integrity issues.
Mr. Chen, who started to renovate his new home in September this year, said that the decoration of his home was finally completed last week. The furniture of all sizes has been spent more than 80,000. However, when he sorted out the bills, he found that he only had more than 1,000 yuan. The goods are invoiced, and other furniture products only have receipts or sales contracts. Mr. Chen expressed concern that quality problems will arise in the future, and no invoice merchants will recognize these receipts.
As long as the contract is "guarantee"?
The reporter visited the various mahogany furniture stores in Beijing and found that the phenomenon of not invoicing did exist. There were also a few merchants who said that the products sold were all invoiced. Most sales personnel said that the after-sales contract is the guarantee of quality three guarantees.
The staff at the service desk of a store in West Fourth Ring said that the products purchased by consumers will sign a sales contract. The contract has detailed purchase time, product type and after-sales service rules, and has legal effects. The two parties can perform according to the contract, and there is no need to worry. There is no guarantee after sale.
In a European-style furniture hall, the sales staff said that in the past two years of selling furniture, only a few consumers have to issue invoices, and there has not been any invoicing, and there is no guarantee after the sale.
Paying taxes and fees can be invoiced A salesperson of soft furniture said that few consumers ask for invoices when purchasing goods. If you must issue an invoice, you can pay 4% to 5% of taxes. When the reporter had doubts about this, the salesperson explained that if he used it and could not reimburse it, there was no need to issue an invoice. The reporter was somewhat hesitant, and then said that the invoice could not participate in the internal discount activity, and the price could be appropriately lowered.
In the Sihuiqiao building materials market, a tile merchant also said that if you want to issue an invoice, you can go to the market management department to open the price, there is no discount.
The reporter randomly interviewed several consumers who are buying furniture at the store. Most of them said that they would not ask for an invoice if they could not invoice the price, and they would not have to invoice if they did not have this awareness.
Non-invoicing normalization The relevant person in charge of Beijing Oriental Home Furniture Plaza introduced that the business model of furniture and building materials stores is different from other fast-moving consumer goods department stores. The furniture and building materials store only conducts unified management and service for the merchants in the collection. It is also a collection and payment. Each merchant, as an independent taxpayer, needs to voluntarily fulfill its tax obligations.
A person in charge of the company who did not want to be named said that the rising cost of raw materials and labor has led to lower and lower profit margins, and some companies are not willing to issue invoices.
The person in charge of another building materials product said that the purchase process of furniture and building materials products caused the consumption habit of not invoicing to some extent, because the furniture products were paid in advance when they were purchased, and the remaining money was made after delivery. Therefore, consumers generally only pay attention to receipts and delivery orders, which inevitably contribute to the consumption habits of this industry.
Industry reminder: Beware of the difficulty of purchasing goods without purchasing invoices is a tax evasion behavior that deliberately conceals the actual sales amount, in violation of the "Invoice Management Measures of the People's Republic of China." In addition, according to the taxation situation of our country, the label price of the goods is tax-included. However, the consumer is ultimately responsible for the tax. When the seller purchases the goods, if the seller informs the buyer in advance to give a certain discount, the tax If the fee is to be borne by the consumer, it is a voluntary act of both parties. If there is deliberate deception and concealment in the process of buying and selling, consumers can use legal means to protect their legal rights.
Therefore, consumers must pay attention when buying furniture, do not covet small and cheap, do not blindly listen to the side of the business, try to bring some basic tools you need when buying, and must take the invoice, if there is an accident Immediately report and complain to relevant departments to protect their rights and interests.

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