Fu Ying talks about Trump's election to the US president: China or the most win will not fall from the sky

Abstract Fu Ying talks about the "Black Swan" and Globalization in 2016 at the International Forum on Finance and Economics. On December 11, Fu Ying, the chairman of the National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee and the chief expert of the National Global Strategy Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was invited to attend Sanya &middo...
Fu Ying talks about the "black swan" and globalization in 2016 at the International Forum on Finance and Economics
On December 11, Fu Ying, the chairman of the National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee and the chief expert of the National Global Strategy Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, was invited to attend the Sanya Finance International Forum and delivered a keynote speech on the calm response to a series of "black swan" in 2016. The incident also talked about the efforts to build a 2.0 version of globalization.
Fu Ying said that the "Black Swan" incident occurred frequently in 2016. From the Brexit referendum to the United States, Trump won the victory. Like two political earthquakes, it was a revolution initiated by the bottom people and expressed the elite within the system. Strong dissatisfaction with the bottom of the insatiable and out of the people.
Regarding what Trump's election means to China, Fu Ying said that the so-called "medium or win" will not fall from the sky. The future scene is not optimistic. It will be a game of wisdom and courage. It has challenges and opportunities for China. The prospects are grim. The US side's dissatisfaction with China in trade, intellectual property rights and exchange rates is leading the sentiment and perception of China, which may lead to new policies and pose challenges to bilateral relations. However, we do not need to dance in the wind. The new presidents of the United States have had many harsh judgments on China, and they can always find cooperation points after running. Sino-US relations have grown into towering trees. This is a very difficult reality. The economy is deeply interdependent. The Americans also admit that any sanctions against China are hard to avoid "killing one thousand, killing eight hundred." the result of. As some American friends have suggested, what the Chinese need to do is to prepare their own toolbox and have their own response to the measures that harm China’s interests, including the use of international and domestic laws and procedures, as well as economic means. Solutions should be taken to solve problems from a positive perspective and to expand investment cooperation.
Fu Ying said that a new issue at the international level is how to cope with the Western world's tendency to abandon globalization. The United States is the most important advocate of globalization. The globalism pursued by the United States and the West includes the promotion of universal values ​​and Western democratic politics in politics, the implementation of the capitalist world economic system in the economy, and the attempt to make the world politically and economically. Standardize according to the Western model. The United States has spent a lot of power and has not achieved the goal of global westernization. Economic globalization has allowed wealth and power to be concentrated in the hands of top-level capital owners. It has also hollowed out the industrial base and widened the gap between rich and poor. The fact is that the upper echelons of the West manipulated globalization, while the underlying people of society targeted the successors of globalization, such as globalization and China, in an attempt to completely combat and abandon globalization.
Under the correct leadership of the Communist Party, China has effectively harnessed the wave of globalization and insisted on participating in economic globalization based on its national conditions in its own way, from a poor agricultural economy to an industrialized country. China's global share of GDP rose from 1% at the beginning of reform and opening up to 15.5% in 2015, becoming a major manufacturing country and a major foreign investor. At the same time, China has a sense of understanding and understanding of the shortcomings of globalization, and it has also entered a difficult journey of transformation and upgrading. We have the conditions and the need to play a greater role in the future development of globalization.
Fu Ying said that globalization is not in the wrong direction, but there is a problem of lack of management, which leads to imbalances between countries and within countries. The rational attitude is to improve and perfect it. If the Western world-led economic globalization is regarded as the initial stage, it is version 1.0, and perhaps it should consider building a 2.0 version of globalization.
China’s attitude toward globalization is clear: it cannot open a global reversal. During the APEC Leaders Summit in Peru last month, President Xi Jinping’s statement on actively promoting the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area sent a clear signal to the world, which caused widespread positive response. The “Belt and Road” initiative advocated by President Xi and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank have started in an all-round way. This process will give China more resources and experience to participate in and influence the globalization process.
Finally, Fu Ying said that China was once one of the most occluded and backward countries in the world, and it has missed the trend of world development several times. China’s ability to catch up with today is largely due to Deng Xiaoping’s reform and opening up. The Chinese have experienced many twists and turns, and they have also cultivated their adherence to beliefs and goals in the face of adversity. The world is now more complicated. The "black swan" in 2016 cast a shadow over 2017. We need to calmly observe and stand firm. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, we must adhere to the five development concepts and actively respond to it. Challenge, seize opportunities, and become a more successful China in the world.

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