Fertilizer is still low and pesticides are stable and good

Fertilizer is still sluggish Low prices of raw material resources, lower industry cost pressures, and current anthracite prices continue to remain weak. The lack of chemical coal procurement power coal prices continue to face downward pressure is expected to post the price of the coal market is still weak to stabilize the main; and the recent domestic phosphate ore price Weakening the stability of the overall lack of ore mining enterprises, weak market transactions, low-cost operation is expected to remain weak in the later period.

Fertilizer market is still light and pesticide prices unabated 1. Fertilizer: The market is still lack of favorable fertilizer market flat is still supported by the cost of the overall price to stabilize the main low; the overall market demand is not yet high prices have not yet raised the momentum;

2. Pesticides: The pesticide market continues to perform steadily. Among them, the tight supply of glyphosate and glycerine has not yet eased. Prices remain stable and some companies still have upward adjustments in their ex-factory prices; while imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos markets also The same performance is stable.

Industry information 1. Sun Shubao, president of the China Pesticide Industry Association, indicated that the environmental protection has become more severe and has a significant impact on the pesticide industry. Smaller production facilities with poor environmental protection facilities will be completely phased out. It is expected that this small capacity will account for about 10% of the current industry capacity. ;

2. The EU extends the lifespan of 7 active substances such as chlorpyrifos, chlorpyrifos-methyl, mancozeb, mangosulfan, dimethyltetrachloromethane, dimethyltetrachlorobutyrate, and dexsenone.

3. The overall international urea price fell. One of China's bulk small particles FOB price 286-290 US dollars / ton down 2 US dollars; Yuzhny small particle port offshore 315-325 US dollars / ton drop 1-5 US dollars; Baltic Sea offshore report 310-315 US dollars / ton drop 5 Dollars.